eReader review

I have borrowed an eReader to play with and see if I like it. Well, I know I like it, but do I really like it enough to BUY one?

I am around it all day at work. I sell it like it is candy, but for myself - the girl who is secretly sniffing books because the smell of print and paper is fantabulous - can I convert to a machine in order to read my books???

In really spending time playing with it, I have come to find out is that it can be distracting. I don't have time to read because I am too busy doing other things on it, like checking my email and reading blogs. I love the color magazines on it. I would love to have a bunch of magazines, but when I have had the subscriptions, I don't make time to read them. They just end up piled up in some corner, never read. But on the eReader, they seem so much more manageable.

The consistent time I read is before bed. About an hour or two before I go to sleep, I crawl into bed and grab a book. It is there that my body learns to rest and get tired. My mind is also occupied, which usually (crossing my fingers here) tires out the final bits of my awake brain. I like this routine. It really helps when I close at work and don't get home til late and need to get up early the next day. I, then am not up forever. I am able to actually go to bed and routinely, get tired.

Last night, I downloaded Fallen by Lauren Kate.

I just finished reading Falling Home by Karen White and was in between books. I started to read Unbroken by Lauren Hillenbrand, but I hate to say it - it is out of my normal reading genre so I am struggling to stay focused. I know that while reading, by just pushing a button, I can switch over and read a blog or check the internet. I really want to read Unbroken, but feel I may need the book to really stay focused on this - I mean it is a HISTORY book. It will take all of my focus. I was never really adept at retaining history information and I am sorry now, especially now, because there are so many things I would like to know that I know I should know because I vaguely remember being taught in school. I think I may need to start my eReader experience with a lighter, easier to read book.

I am lucky too because by borrowing the eReader, I can buy anything on work's dime. I can download a million magazines or newspapers or books - whatever I want and I don't have to pay for it. When the time comes, if it does, that I buy an eReader, I will then be responsible for paying for my content. I am also, on the side, busily adding free content to my online eReader account so that, if and when I buy, my eReader will have lots of things in the library to begin with.

Ahem, I completely digress.

So far here is what I have come up with -

  • the prices of books are drastically less, even with coupons
  • I won't have to carry around 15 pound books depending on what I am reading
  • I can carry as many books as I want and it is still the same size and weight in my bag
  • I won't have books hidden in the closet, resting on my nightstand, bleeding out into the family room and every other room (including my car)
  • I can keep all my books on my eReader and since I rarely reread a book, I can delete any time I want to
  • I can lend a book to anyone who has the application (whether they have an eReader or not)
  • I can be a total tech snob and I can check my email, read blogs, etc on the eReader
  • I can highlight, check the dictionary and bookmark any passage or page I want
  • I can read with Saint sleeping next to me and not have a friggin spotlight on the book in order to see clearly
  • There isn't a messed up dark crease in the book that I continually can't read due to reading at night, with only a booklight
  • I can prop the eReader up by sheets and blankets and not have to hold it open
  • I can see all of the page at once and turn with the flick of my finger
  • if I lose or break my eReader every book I have ever bought is on the internet account, so my replacement eReader will automatically upload my library
Cons -
  • I won't feel the weight of a book, the smell of the paper and ink
  • I can't resell my books back to the used bookstore
So the verdict?

I love the eReader. It did make my eyes feel a little strained and I did develop a slight throb of a headache last night. I am not sure if this is because I am SO TIRED (it's been weeks that I have really had a good sleep) that my body was begging to fall asleep, meanwhile my brain was getting addicted to Fallen and wanted to stay up and read. I am thinking I would like to borrow the original eReader and see if the e-ink screen makes a difference, but I have let my boss know that I would like to keep the eReader for at least a few more days, hopefully giving myself enough time to contemplate the eye strain, if there is any because I woke up this morning having slept a very nice six hours, which as of late, is very good.


Upon searching for covers, I am a BIG fan of the skins that are so incredibly artistic like this one by DecalGirl and I can't believe they sell covers that stand up like a frame. LOVE IT!!


blueviolet said...

I have a Nook and I really like it. I didn't think I would, but I do! I especially like the free downloads on Fridays!

E. said...

Mr E bought a Kindle mid last year. So far I haven't bought anything to go on it but I was lookind yesterday to see what I could get. I like the idea of Free e-books but I think I would miss holding a proper book.

Pepsi Breath said...

I am intrigued by the idea of an e-reader but love the feel and smell of a real book so much, I don't know if I could ever give up the real thing. Your pros and cons list has started to sway me, though. Btw, have I told you just how jealous I am you work in a bookstore?

jayayceeblog said...

I've been interested in these things for years but haven't been convinced that the expense would be worth it. Here's a cautionary tale: a friend of mine got up one morning, gathered up the bedsheets and put them all in the washer. When she went to transfer to the dryer, her Kindle fell out, completely ruined. So if you read in bed, be sure to remember to put it on the nightstand before you go to sleep!!!