an eyebrow raising event

For many years now I have been fascinated with getting an eyebrow ring. Yes, you read that right. I have wanted an eyebrow ring. The other day on my way out of town, after the holiday, I convinced Saint to go run a quick errand with me. We made a stop at my favorite tattoo parlor and had them insert an eyebrow barbell. It is a slightly curved half ring that basically only the top silver bulb and the bottom bulb show. One is above the eyebrow and the other is below.


I knew when I was considering this that I work in retail and may get to work only to have my boss tell me to take it out. I was prepared for this. I was ok with this. But this is the first time I have worked somewhere where it is such a casual environment. I am surrounded by tattoo'd, pierced and very different types of people. I felt like this was a good time as any to give it a try.

Honestly, I am not even sure it will stay. I like it. I am having fun with it and would like to replace the simple silver bar with a bar with small diamonds on each side, once the swelling goes down. The guy who did the piercing obviously did such a good job because there has been no bleeding, no puss and no discoloration. It is simply swollen. I guess it would help if I slowed down and remembered that I did this and not catch it on my shirts or hit it when brushing the hair out of my eyes.

But it is on my face and I hate when people make comments and it is impossible for people to NOT make comments. That is just the way it is, especially when working in retail. Everyone has an opinion. Go figure.

I also wonder if I am too old to pull it off. I have know people who maybe need to grow up and look a bit more adult like, but that is just culture talking. I hate that whole assumption that we need to look or be like something in order to be considered accepted.

I broke down and told my father over the phone because I was worried about the next time I saw him. He was disappointed and a bit pissed. Not surprising, I had a feeling. Saint thinks he may just be concerned with the impression on my 14 year old niece. Yes she does like tattoos and piercings, not that she has any and I do know I have made an impression on her. Haven't figured out how to talk to her about it. It is hard when, even at my age, I want my parents to support me and approve of me, so I am bummed about my dad. I figured my dad would tell my mom, but maybe not. I appreciate that Saint said he loves it and says it's sexy - now that is shocking because I never, not once, mentioned that I wanted one to him.

So far the people at work have had nice things to say about it and my boss is totally fine with it, though he has said if our district manager says no, I will have to take it out. One guy at work actually said, "I never noticed your piercing." This isn't like a new wave of craziness. It is just something I have wanted to do and now seemed like a good time. I am not going to run out and get a bunch of tattoos or other piercings. Especially when every time I barely touch it, it pings with small pain. This is just a simple and small thing I did for myself. Cool thing is, I can totally cover it up with my bangs.


blueviolet said...

You're a grown woman and I'm sorry that your dad still kinda acted like you're a rebellious little girl doing something wrong. You did nothing wrong! It's very small and not all that noticeable.

It's funny how strangers feel they can make comments about that out loud too. I hope you don't have to take it out for work when the dm sees it.

Fresh Mommy said...

You're never too old to get something you've been wanting... and you're old enough to make those grown up decisions. Way to go for doing something you've been wanting for a long time. Happy New Year! :)


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Good for you. My daughter had one years ago and then decided not to have it anymore. It's in a good spot and if you ever change your mind you will barely notice. You dad will get over it.

Pepsi Breath said...

OMG! Anarchy! No doubt society will break down and all because you rebelled and got a piercing! Run for your life!

ACTUALLY......I'm so tired of our Puritan-based culture laying guilt trips on us left and right. "Act your age" boils my blood. HOWEVER.....a parent is different. No matter how old you get, you will always be a little girl to your parents. They really mean well.

I think it looks great and good for you for being in charge of your life!

jayayceeblog said...

To each his own and it obviously makes you happy so why not? I'm wondering, though, since it's a barbell, if every time you raise your eyebrow it will be like lifting a weight and that side of your face will become more muscular than the other side. =D