A childs playground for adults

There is only one place that one can choose - not only choose, but call weeks ahead in order to possibly attain an appointment. Only to go, pay, then wait for twenty minutes (if I am lucky, but more likely forty minutes) only to be called again which makes me leap up in excitement that I was called "Oh, yes, Heidi, that's me!!" Only to be led through multiple wings with random plain colored doors and made to weigh myself then led into another waiting room where I am poked and prodded for things like blood pressure and temperature.

I am left to my own devices for another twenty minutes (if I am lucky, but more likely forty minutes). Where after ten minutes, I turn into a child and get up and open drawers, look through and play with tongue depressors, thermometers, the mercury thingy on the wall. I change chairs. I look in depth at the poster on the wall depicting eyes, ears, nose and other miscellaneous body parts and their innards wondering which of the diseases depicted that I may or may not have.

After thirty minutes, I am told that the person I am coming to see, is not here yet, but I am in first in line WHEN they get here. Which makes me happy and relieved that at least I am first. But after another twenty minutes, I start to wonder - how do I really know I am first in line? I didn't even know they weren't here in the first place. The door is closed and even if I peek out (which I do) I won't see or hear anyone else because heaven knows where the nurses stand is after so many twists and turns.

I slink back into the room and sit, pondering why it is that I do this once a year (at least, if I am luck, but more likely two to three times a year). Why is it that I pay someone to sit and wait, sit and wait and then be poked and prodded and then given a prescription where I go and wait more.

When I least expect it, the magical person appears and I instantly remember why I come here, pay, wait and wait some more - because I like this doctor.

First time ever, I have walked out of a doctors office with a prescription of Valium.


Fresh Mommy said...

The doctor's office is such a crazy place... and sense of time gets totally lost in there! At least you have a redeeming factor. I hate going. LOL


jayayceeblog said...

I always make sure to grab a good magazine for all that sitting and waiting. Hmmmm, I've never looked in the drawers but now I want to. =D

Pepsi Breath said...

I always make sure I take a book for all the waiting. Not only to make the time to pass more quickly, but to keep me from thinking about other patients that might have something contagious.