Valentine's games

I texted Saint more than a few weeks ago stating that we should just keep Valentine's simple. I didn't want us to exchange gifts, only cards.

On a side note, I really don't like Valentine's Day. I think it is nice when kids are in school, exchanging small little cards, little things of candy. I think it is another way to show you care with a card or a box of chocolates, but on the whole I think it is so OVERRATED and I just can't stand the commercialism with it all. (ahem, that's just me)

I get a text back from Saint saying, Though this is great, he has already got something for me.

Well, Damn it! Now what?

He texts me and says not to worry about getting him something. Which is fine. If I get him a card, that's enough right.



Now my head starts swimming because what happens if it isn't enough for him? What if he gets hurt or upset if I do only give him a card. Actually, I would probably do a card and some small piece of candy that he likes to go with it, like a box of Mike and Ikes. But is that enough?

So I tell him, no gift. He agrees and says, the gift he got me will just be a "thinking of you" type of gift that he will give me at some point.


Some more time passes and I start losing it. I text him and say, no let's exchange gifts.

HA! I don't have a damn thing in mind or picked out. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME???

He agrees. (isn't he wonderful?)

Now I realize my crazy and say, forget it all. I am nuts and let's just exchange cards. NOTHING MORE I SWEAR.

He laughs and says no. It's set. Gifts for Valentine's Day. (obviously, he can only be patient for so long with me)

Ugh. I am an idiot. Now I need a gift for him and I don't have a flippin' clue except the original and always useful lingerie. Which if you ask me, is for me and not him, but apparently it's a gift that keeps giving, if you ask most guys. (?)

I have been messing with Saint the last few days I spent with him and would say, I want to open my gift now. He laughs and plays along, but says no. I play it up and say, no really. It's killing me. Just give it to me and we'll call it even. How about a clue? He finally gives in and says one thing - before I give it to you, you'll have to make a promise.


Then says, I still have to wait til Valentine's Day.


Now I am all up in arms. What could it possibly be? What gift requires a promise first??

I'm loving that I can't figure it out. What a great idea for a gift. A puzzle first . . .


jayayceeblog said...

You are waaaaayyyyyy overthinking Valentine's Day. Which is probably why you don't like it. When you said puzzle, it made me think that maybe your gift is a jigsaw puzzle and you have to promise to put it together only when you're together. Awwwww!

Pepsi Breath said...

What amazes me is that it was several weeks ago you asked for a simple V Day and he ALREADY HAD YOUR GIFT! That is a highly desirable male specimen you have there!