coffee klutz

I found this really cute yellow tee a few weeks ago and was really excited because I just knew it would love fabulous under the collared button shirt I bought about a month ago. The button shirt is plaid with navy, yellow and white and the tee is yellow with navy and green words on them. Together they look oh so fun. And since I have been trying a new look - one that is a little more casual like my fellow associates, but still professional - I was very stoked.

I got to work and when I used the bathroom, I looked down and realized I had a small stain that ran directly down the middle of the tee where the button shirt happened to gap. It was perfectly placed. I couldn't have done a better job if I did it on purpose.

It was coffee. Which I seem to rarely have time for anymore, but coincidentally had time for that morning.

I spilled on my new shirt and didn't even know it --- til I got to work and couldn't do anything about it.

I decided right then and there I would fain disbelief if anyone noticed and act like I did it at work, rather than before because I can't stand those people who don't look in the mirror before they leave for work. You know, the ones who spend hours on their hair only the back looks like a rats nest because they never, ever glance back there to see. Or the people who throw their clothes on and run out the door.

Ahem, I never do that. (grimace)


blueviolet said...

Well now I am wondering how your scheme worked out!

Pepsi Breath said...

One word: Bib.

jayayceeblog said...

Ha! Bib is right!!! Did anybody notice???