Review - Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins

I have been waiting to read Hex Hall for quite some time now. Sadly, I was number 3 on the wait list for this book from the digital library. One of the drawbacks to not just buying it. BUT I loved it!! So worth the wait.

This was such a fun book to read. It was entertaining and a different twist to the teen paranormal books I have read.

The main character Sophie has made some bad choices in life and has been sentenced to attend the school for witches, warlocks and other such paranormal people who could use some help blending in with humans. While at the school she encounters some not so nice girls who want her to join their coven and a really good looking warlock who may not be what he seems. Each of these characters was well scripted and I felt they just flowed into the story nicely. I wanted to know more and more about them. My favorite, and one I wished I had read more of, was her roommate the vampire, Jenna. She had a great sense of humor and I loved the bond they formed.

I wanted to be a girl who attended this school. Books that make me think about the choice between good and evil are a great play on real life. I believe that both reside within each of us and enjoy walking in others shoes and following what they would do. This book does a good job of playing up the choices we face. Even with all the evil lurking around Hex Hall, Rachel Hawkins just made these characters sensationally interesting. I really enjoyed the twist at the end too - though I refuse to ruin it by revealing it.

I just simply did not want to put this book down. I wanted to continue devouring it. If you are going on vacation or just looking for a fun, easy book to read - THIS IS IT!

Now am so excited to read the next installment of Hex Hall Series, DemonGlass.

Don't you just love the covers? They are so inviting and make me want to read these books.


Misguided Mommy said...

can some one just tell me what a warlock actually is?

jayayceeblog said...

Looks like a fun series and, you're right, the covers are pretty fabulous!