Review - The Journey by Wanda E Brunstetter

It has been quite some time since I have stuck my nose in a Christian Fiction book. I had forgotten how wonderfully nice these books are to read. There is such a sweetness and innocence to them that makes the world seem so peaceful and lovable. The Journey is a true example of that.

As I do not read the summary of the books before reading, I spent the first quarter of the book trying to figure out where the author was going with the story line, but eventually just sat back and enveloped myself within it. There is a handful of people that the author introduced, so I wasn't quite sure which ones were the main characters til later. I did however enjoy the mix of so many different possibilities in this small Amish community.

Titus is the main character, a man who is trying to get his girlfriend to settle into the Amish church and marry him, yet she doesn't feel she is ready. He has been courting her for years against the wishes of his and her parents. She finally decides to go to California and in doing so, breaks his heart. He finds an opportunity to move to Kentucky and try a new place, somewhere he may be able to start a new life and find a wife who better suits him. Though his intention begins as simply to forget Phoebe.

I found it a bit strange with Titus moving to another state and living within close quarters of a woman who is so similar looking to his ex-girlfriend it stops people in their tracks, but after searching my brain, I came up with a few things that have happened to me in the past. Love is just like that. When I think I am in love with someone, it is so easy to see similarities in others when you want them to be in love with you.

I didn't care for Phoebe one bit. She is selfish and cruel. She makes decisions based on her own needs and thoughts which makes it hard for me to picture her in the Amish community. I do however love the fact that these children are able to go out and see the world, to choose for themselves. It was hard to read Phoebe's lifestyle after leaving the Amish community. I can see how difficult it must be to try and live in the English community after being sheltered for so long.

My favorite character was Suzanne, this wonderfully sweet and talented woman who is trying to find her place in a community where the woman's place is in the kitchen. She would rather be in the barn wood working with the men fellow, as she does have a hidden talent there. She is a horrible cook which I found hilarious and could completely relate to, but is such a strong woman she chooses how to deal with this problem. I love that she sticks with who she is through and through no matter what she is dealing with.

This book was the type of book I would take on vacation. I had the day off from work and just laid in bed and read all day. I loved it. I spent most of the day sighing, smiling and warmed deep within my heart. What a wonderful gift of escape from the world.

Thanks to GoodReads and FirstReads for allowing me to win a copy and review it.

Makes me want to go back to the Christian Fiction section and start reading all the other books by Wanda E. Brunstetter. I would also like to read Karen Kingsbury, since I mostly have read Beverly Lewis in the past.


The Mistress of the Dark said...

I love Amish fiction. If you'd like any other author recommendations, let me know. Marta Perry is one of my favorite's. She's also written for the Love Inspired line. Her books are really excellent. I love Wanda's books, and now I'm excited to read this one.

jayayceeblog said...

I've always loved stories about the Amish. Makes the life of plain people seem very inviting sometimes.