In My Mailbox

In My Mailbox is hosted by The Story Siren every Sunday. What did you win, receive, buy or borrow this week?

Soooooooooo, I won this book from the very awesome who always takes spectacular pics, Caite with A Lovely Shore Breeze. THANKS lady!! I love to win things especially books. I have yet to ready any of Laura Lippman and am so excited to be induced into her book world.

I received these from GoodReads FirstReads -

I'd Know You Anywhere by Laura Lippman
This Life Is In Your Hands by Melissa Coleman
A Race To Splendor by Ciji Ware


Natalie said...

Thats awesome that you won copies of so many great books this week! Happy reading! :)

DarlingNickey said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog!

I guess you're seeing so many copies of Die For Me and The Iron Daughter floating around because they came out last week in the UK and were all shipped now^^

You're inbox is an interesting sight for me, I haven't heard of any of those books o.O I hope you're going to enjoy them!

Nickey @ The Book Shop Assistant

Miss Page-Turner said...

Never heard of Laua Lippman, but her book sounds really good. Have to ceck it out. Enjoy your books:)