Namaste for TWO

I walk into Yoga class and as I am stretching and breathing and getting into the whole, "I am now in yoga class so focus" mental routine. In waddles (I am so sorry, but really) a pregnant woman. And not just a little baby bump, I am talking about a couple of watermelons (again extremely sorry to all preggers ladies). It is just she had the belly on her.

All through class, here I am trying in vain to stand on my left foot, hold my right foot and then stretch my right foot out in front. My balance is getting way better, but my legs just do not want to extend. I hear some twittering behind me, enough to kill a little harmony, so I stop and turn. This pregnant woman has the most serene look on her face and not only is she doing the stand perfectly, but with her eyes closed.

Have you ever tried to stand on one foot and then do it with your eyes closed??? HUGE DIFFERENCE and way harder, I might add.

Then we did this thing where we did downward dog against the wall, heels to the baseboard and pushed our feet up the wall so that one foot in on the baseboard and the other is inching it's way up the wall forcing us to hold our downward dog hands while balancing on the one foot. I was doing really well with my first foot, then I come down and see our pregnant lady is all the way against the wall, belly to the wall, peeps. GASP! She's so flexible. This is when I hear a few, "I can't even do that for one, let alone two!"

Now, I love that this woman came to our class. I DO! Swear! I love even more that she was able to inspire me and make me realize that pregnant woman CAN do real yoga. I'll be honest, I thought it was yoga based on birth and whatnot. NOPE! These ladies are serious.

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jayayceeblog said...

I am so impressed at the thought of this hugely pregnant woman handling all the yoga poses like nothing. I suppose there is hope for the rest of us!