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Sadly I was not blessed with an advanced readers copy of this one, but a main perk of working at a bookstore is I can borrow hard copies. (though I will be buying the set when available for keeping on my bookshelf) YEAH! I will be staying up late reading this book. I almost felt I needed to spend a bit of time revisiting the first two, but only a handful of pages in, it already has come back.

I wish I could tell you what exactly it was about this particular series that caught my attention. It could be the differences in the paranormal romance from the standard "Twilight" type of books that keep coming out. No offense to Twilight, I truly enjoyed those too. But the repetition of that particular plot saddens me. So I like that it is different. I love the romantic feel of the book, but alas star crossed lovers. What a cross to bear. I love the main character Luce. She is strong and vulnerable, she is smart and quick. I love the contrast of the good vs evil. I am always hoping good will win, but in a book, the battle is entertaining, because honestly, either can be the victor. I'd say my favorite part about this book is it makes me feel like a kid again. It opens up a whole new realm of thoughts and possibilities in my head and makes me crave more. It's exciting, beautiful and entertaining all at the same time. Yet it speaks up to the reader using good vocabulary, history facts and great descriptions. It is a quick read, but one that demands attention.

Sigh, good books are so rare.

Are you reading Passion by Lauren Kate?

Check out the first two - Fallen and Torment.

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Duchess said...

I needed a new series to check out so I'm off to the bookstore to give it a look :)