Attention Big Brother Fans

The next season of Big Brother starts on July 7th!!!!!

Yes, I am one of those addicted to the show, the chaos, the crying and nail biting, the yelling and instigating, the gross and tough games they play, the endless amount of food challenges SLOP, the showmances and OH SO MUCH MORE.

I am a total reality tv junkie, but this one takes the cake for me.

People I like so far -
Cassi (lol, she looks like a bond girl and I always root for the supposedly nice girl)
Shelly (sounds like a tough cookie, seems smart and has the fun accent)

Unsure of -
Kalia (I love people who honestly admit they will lie and cheat to win)
Adam (looks can be deceiving)

Not Thrilled with -
Keith (he sounds a little nerdy)
Lawson (seems too quiet for this show)

Drama -
Porsche (blond, money girl trying to play it cool - she left two cell phone behind?)

Annoyed with -
Dominic (the pretty boy who is going to use every opportunity to show his body and just wants people to like him, ugh)

I am pretty excited to see who the returning house guests are and hoping and praying they aren't annoying, but that does make for pulling people out of their comfort zones, so . . . Dynamic Duos should be fun too because no one lasts in the game unless they are secret alliances.

Take a tour of the new house here


Check these links below to find out where all the hot and exciting information will be. I will also be posting about each episode. So let me know if you want to link up.

CBS PrimeTime
(if you watch tv online like me)

Get the LIVE FEED here and the live feed blog here
(HINT: Pre-season discount ends on July 6th)

Joker's Update
(one of the best sites I have found)

Big Brother Network Blog

Online Big Brother
(I didn't read this one last year)

What are your thoughts? Anyone in particular you are excited about yet? How do you watch?

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