Big Brother 13 - episode 1

First episode impressions -
Kalia - she is a writer and really good with words, yet said like about a dozen times in two sentences. I am totally jealous of her job though.
Does anyone else think she looks familiar? I can't place her though.

Portia - I am the pretties on the block and everyone is going to hate me off the bat" Uhm, yes that is correct
OMG I love it, It's so pink! (gag)
You are a cocktail waitress and you are worried others will think your life is TOO LUXURIOUS! (gag, wait did I say that already)

Keith - The only religious, virgin has nothing but talk about women and I quote, "thank you God, he knows what I want" --- Really?? A weakness for women?!?!?! Oh puhlease! Talks about her "puppies that dominate".

Adam - I seriously love him!! Loves 90201 and a metal head.

Shelley - how can you not like someone with that accent?

Enter House -
I love "Ok house guests, take a look around you" because that is when everyone gets the bitchy, I am a fighter look.

Why, why oh why do they open the door and immediately start screaming like four year olds??

New Season Twist -
Play in pairs
Pairs are both safe as HOH
When on block, you both are on the block and campaign against each other

Teams -
Adam and Dominic
Cassie and Shelley
Portia and Keith
Kalia and Lawon

Ahem, I totally vote for Cassie and Shelly. Seem like the two strongest players at this point, but who knows??

New Additions to the house -
Rachel and Brendon (Brenchel) - ugh, her voice annoys me
AHHHHHHHHHHH Jeff and Jordan!!!!! I love them!!!!
Oh dear god, Dick Danielle and I thought Rachel's voice as my least favorite sound, but he can wreak havoc!! She's quiet because they haven't spoken in three years. Wow, I like her.

Two previous house winners, Jordan and Dick.

Jordan - you're awesome! "Dick makes me feel like chopped liver and I hate chopped liver."

Newbies VS Veterans

In Big Brother you can't trust anybody!!

1st HOH -
Rachel (and Brandon is safe too)
I love her victory speech, except that she didn't win her Big Brother!!

Twist #2 -
Big Brother Gold Key guarantees you a spot in the top ten. No participation in any competeitions for eviction, but can still vote for eviction.

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Debby@Just Breathe said...

I love BB! I have been watching it since the very first season. I thought Keith would be different, he has to know his church is watching him. I watch After Dark and Dick is gone. He left for personal reasons. They won't say it on TV until next week.