Big Brother 13 - episode 3-5

Well all it took was one chaotic week at work to mess with watching Big Brother. I am finally all caught up on the episodes. DEAR CBS - PLEASE FIX YOUR WEBSITE. THE SHOW IS AWFUL TO WATCH WITH ALL THE STOPS AND STARTS. Not to mention, the commercials actually play over the show?!? What is going on over there? Do none of the CBS people watch online to see if it is working?

I still cannot get over how many times the words TRUST HONEST ALLIANCE are used throughout this GAME!! I swear it makes me want to smack people when they think that anyone has their back in this game.

I am sad that Evil Dick is gone because he cannot try and mend his relationship with Danielle at all being gone even if they only have a relationship during this show. It's more than if they are never on this show. And even though I feel like everyone is entitled to their privacy - WHY DID DICK REALLY LEAVE? At first, I thought it might be a ploy and he made a deal to leave and come back later, but now I am pretty darn sure he is gone for good. Bummer. He may be confrontational, but he is way more fun than Rachel.

Really excited to see Cassi come up as a STRONG PLAYER, but if she doesn't keep her mouth shut around the AllStars she will be eliminated. She is working the Newbies well, but the AllStars cannot be played out in the open like that. Hell, she had me convinced to vote Keith out, except I love Jeff and Jordan. Cassi is completely my other player I'm voting for.

Voted for Keith to go home from Newbies -

New HOH -
Jordan (AllStars)

Golden Key Holders -

I am stunned at the conversation after the eviction meeting that Rachel went in the HAVE NOT room and the Newbies really talked to her and told her how they felt. Are these Newbies crazy?? You never tell your feelings or strategy to the other side. Stupid!! Check out the AllStars LIE DEFLECT LIE DEFLECT LIE DEFLECT LIE each and every time. Rachel is doing a great job playing each side, even though (my opinion) she is too forceful with her negotiations.

Danielle run for your life, Dominic, is not the one for you. But who knows, maybe a little showmance would work for her. But be damned if Dominic screws her over. And as far as selling his soul to the devil, uhm, she is the devil's daughter.

Per Rachel, "Cassi and her are AWKWARD!" Rachel is so insecure. So sad. Really. Good for Cassi giving Rachel something to stay awake about at night.

I am sorry, but seriously, WHO DOESN'T LOVE JORDAN? She is so damn nice and sweet and honest that you can't NOT love her.

It is great to see Brendan make fun of himself and have a good time in his HERO costume. Weird, but good to see. He is way too serious. Good for Dominic, too, he is way too serious about this GAME.

Adam you are stupid. WHO ADMITS TO pissing on the AllStars who are obviously in control of the house right now?!?! Adam's best option is to lie to the AllStars and try to get back in good with the Newbies. Than again, I love his excitement.

Funny that Rachel is right about Cassi, but for the wrong reasons. She is paranoid that Cassi is prettier than her and yet, she is pulling the Newbies to her side.

I am surprised that I am enjoying Lawson's commentary. He has some great cracks.

Whether it is game or not, I find it refreshing to see the concern on everyone's faces when someone is hurting. (in reference to Have Not competition and Kalia)

My thoughts are this - I think that with Cassi siding with the Newbies and Shelly siding with the AllStars they are in like flynn. I am hoping the Cassi and Shelly can top the charts with being the Newbies that survive and play til the end. The ones that will lose are the ones that turn on their partner. No matter what they have to stick together or at least give the impression they are. Cassi and Shelly are competing, but looks and conversation it sounds like they are together. Good game plan. If you can't be a team, fake it.

HAVE NOTS - Jelly Beans and Jerky (not bad)
Whoever is coming up with these competitions should be given a raise because I have laughed so damn hard through these because they look ridiculous!! They are stacked on top of each other like some horrible porn movie. And the comments are worse!
Lawson and Kalia
Cassi and Shelly
Adam and Dominic

Nomination for Eviction -
Adam and Dominic

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Debby@Just Breathe said...

I was glad that Keith went home, he was just too full of himself.
I was thrilled to see Jordon win.
Watching After Dark on Showtime gave me a lot of insights last night. They say Cassie is going home so something must have happened when they did the POV.
Rachel of course is crying because no body likes her. Jordon had a heart to heart with her and told her she has to stop saying stupid things!