Going back to school

Yes, that is right. I am going back to school for degree #2.

The first one I received because my dad asked, "When are you graduating?" My reply was probably a shrug and a yawn. At the time, I loved school. I was pretty happy attending a bunch of classes and learning all sorts of things. When he came back with, "No, I mean you need to find out when you are graduating. Like now." So I went to my adviser and they said I could graduate in one semester with a degree in Spanish and a minor in business and portuguese. That is how I attained my first degree.

Now that I am fairly certain (read: 110%) that I know which direction I want my professional life to go, I decided to go back to school to get the degree for me. I am going for a Communications degree with focus on technology. Which basically means it will focus on writing, publishing, editing, online media and web design. All of which I would love to work on. I don't have a definite job that I am waiting for because I can go in any which way with my current company, but my boss did mention that we have a department specifically for reading and writing blogs - WHAT?!?!?! - and he is looking in to it for me - (he must look faster). I am pretty excited about that, but still really want to know more about these other subjects, hence school. It will be the fast degree where I go back for two years instead of four. Two years. I can do that. . . . . right? And it's all online, so I don't have to wear anything nice or go anywhere special.

It's funny to think about the whole school thing because when I was in school that was my life. My whole world centered around school. It wasn't weird that I spent 40+ hours studying and learning with in between times of a job and swimming. Now, my life is spent making sure I pay bills, stay in shape (kindof) and live my life. Knowing what I know now, life is so much larger than that campus. I work to live. So to know I am sacrificing some of my free time to go back to school is a tough cookie to swallow. The only thing that spurs me on is I would hate to be 20 years down the road and be stuck in my job because I don't have the qualifications to go farther. If I struggle to go back now, I can't image my feelings 20 years from now.

I am nervous and yet oh, so excited to finally - FINALLY - know what I want out of life. For me.

I want to be a writer. A published writer. I want to learn about editing and publishing. I want to know more about websites, online EOS and so much more. I want to do something more creative than management, though I have to say, in the past couple of years I have really come to love the management job watching my people grow into something they didn't think possible and helping a store become what it could be.

Owning our stationery store ages ago, we created so many wonderful things for people and I miss that incredibly. I find myself making signs, creating events, doing employee appreciating activities just to pull in the creativity I am needing. I love it when someone says, "Get with Heidi and have her make you a sign or form." Ha! Yes, that is me.

So here goes nothing. I'll see you on other other side.

No, I am not leaving blogging. I love this, but my reading and reviews may slow down a tiny bit. Not much though. I am slightly obsessed.


E. said...

What great plans you have. How lovely to know exactly wht you want to do and have the motivation to go for it. Let us know how you get on the the new bloggy type job.

Nikki - Notes of Life said...

Good luck! I hope you enjoy it while you do the degree :)