Here's where I've been the past week

Took a little siesta from blogging this week as I have been dealing with a lot lately and needed to catch up on things. Mainly needed some person health days. Here's a few bullet points -
  • My grandmother was sick and we thought we might lose her. Thankfully she is recovering. I was able to go see her and spend five days with her and my grandpa. I learned so much from this trip. I learned I can be the adult when necessary, as I was with my grandfather and niece, I had to make some decisions and drive at night. Needless to say, I couldn't be all weepy and difficult. (not that I am) It was very eye opening for me. I heard stories of my grandfather when he was an MP and overseas in the Korean War, when my grandparents met and dated and so much other wonderful history. I heard about my uncle when he grew up being a sheep farmer, then going off to war at age 15 to WWII. I want to go back and record all that stuff before it is too late.
  • Haven't seen Saint in almost a month, having withdrawals. He visited this weekend. Just missed our first snow, but we had a wonderful weekend. We didn't do much, but enjoying each others company is how we do it best.
  • My cat, Izabel, has a ruptured ear drum and we think that might be the reason she has been acting a bit strange like walking off the bed and falling over. Apparently the vet says ear drums grow back??? (google searching this) She also has a heart murmur. We are having blood tests run for that. I will find out if she will ever be able to have her teeth cleaned again, as they cannot do this without anesthesia and anesthesia is not good for heart murmurs.
  • I have been trying all class to get ahead of my schedule of work and homework and haven't been able to do so. My days off have been spent doing all things not school. I finally caught up, but will hopefully get ahead this next week. (fingers crossed)
  • I bought another new cookbook. GASP! (i know) I found a few good recipes I love and decided to go shopping. GASP! (again) After the past couple months of living off cereal, coffee and take out, this is a pleasant surprise to even myself. I made a really good Cajun Chicken and Andouille Sausage recipe with pasta, but too much cajun and I think over rice with spinach would be better. I also made a wonderful Pork Tenderloin over Sweet Potatoes that was so AWESOME!!
  • My boss was sick for over a week. We did our best to avoid him and let him be, but there is only so much we can do to not have a meeting. Not to mention we all walked around with hand sanitizer and wipes, even wiping his aura. (LOL great joke for a boss) The day after we convinced him to take days off, I got sick. UGH! I am recovering and okay, not nearly as bad I thought I would be, but nevertheless. It stinks to be sick. I am popping Zinc, Vitamin C, Aspirin (for headaches) and having a nice Hot Totty before bed with whiskey. (granted occasionally with nose plugged bc whiskey is harsh stuff, but I am wimpy when it comes to alcohol)
How are you?

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E. said...

I hope you feel better soon.

I've just come home from spending 3 days with my grandmother. Although she isn't really ill, she does have some health problems and is definitely showing her advanced years (85). It's sad and more than a little worrying. I hope your grandmother stays well.

It's great that you and The Saint got to spend some quality time together.

Poor Izabel. I don't know anything about cat ear drums but human ear drums regrow. Girl Child has had a burst ear drum about 3 times. I hope she is okay soon.