Review - Oink! My Life with Minipigs by Matt Whyman

Title: Oink! My Life with Minipigs
Author: Matt Whyman
Publisher: Hodder and Stoughton
Publish Date: February 17, 2011
Hardcover, 320 pages

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I have always had this thing for a farm. Yes, I am totally crazy. I know that the work involved in a farm is astronomical! But my heart would love to visit (?) a farm. Especially since I can't convince Saint to go farm with me. lol

This book should have been called, "My wife traded my balls in for two mini pigs." This poor guy! I feel so bad for him. His life is turned upside down when his wife wants to add mini-pigs to the mix of four kids, cats and chickens. These kids and Matt's wife, Emma, gang up on him to help out which is code for turn your life upside down. His office becomes the place for the pigs, they pee on his toes, they take his spot on the couch and so much more.

When I started reading this book, I thought, a set of mini-pigs that would be awesome. After three quarters of the book, I decided mini-pigs are too messy. And way too much trouble! The story was sweet and funny and just so incredible.

Summary -
What happens when a man wonders aloud if a pig would make a good pet? A great deal -- once his wife discovers a kind the size of a handbag. Matt Whyman is a writer and house husband. He enjoys the quiet life. His career wife, Emma, prefers the chaos a big brood can bring. On top of four challenging children, one freaked-out feline, a wolf-like dog and a wild bunch of ex-battery chickens, she brings minipigs Butch and Roxi into the fold. But can the new arrivals really cuddle up on the sofa, or will their growing presence spark a battle of hearts, snouts and minds? Funny, touching and entertaining, Oink! charts the trials and errors of one man and his menagerie. With help and advice from a seasoned local smallholder, Matt sets out to master the art of managing minipigs -- inside the house and out. Then someone suggests breeding minipiglets, and Matt's understanding of marriage is tested in the most unexpected ways...

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Mrs Q Book Addict said...

The cover is too cute! I can just imagine the mess.