Favorite Super Bowl Commercials

Here's my top 5 favorite Super Bowl Commercials of 2012 -

#5 Seinfeld Reference -

#4 We could all use a little inspiration and Clint Eastwood has THE BEST voice ever!

#3 For creativity -

#4 Made me actually laugh out loud (last two seconds are the best)

#1 Referencing Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Did you have any favorites?


Julie @ Read Handed said...

I loved the Matthew Broderick one. Hilarious!

Ariel Wilson said...

Ferris Bueller was by far the best :)

Sukhmandir Kaur said...

The first one was funny but I'm with "is he still here just give him the car" lol I watched about 10 seconds of the super bowl just enough to know they had 57 seconds left they didn't want, but then I left the room, not much of a sports fan. I know the Giants played from watching Bill Mehar, but not who they were up against or who won, so have to thank you for airing commercials, vastly more entertaining then dressing up getting knocked down and dirty chasing a ball :)

Liza said...

Love them all!

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