An entire week away from my computer

I just checked in my email and realized I haven't done a thing on my computer for at least a week. How refreshing. But then again, the same post has been up for well, a week. I have been enjoying life.

I joined a gym and have been working out as often as I can find a class. My muscles are sore and not so happy. I have days lifting my legs to walk seem difficult. Then one day had a massive migraine attack my sleep due to a pinched nerve and knotted muscle under my shoulder blade.

However, I have realized that Cardio Boxing is awesome and my Popeye muscles aren't so little. I really love Yoga and took an awesome all yoga class that the first twenty minutes were slow and breathing right, only to go in to warp speed and finish the class forty minutes with sweat pouring off me. Cycling is horrible. Too much time for my brain to wander and not enough to keep it busy. And I know now what my "saddle" is as it has been sore for the past four days. Zumba is fun, but not as focused as I like. Felt like a rag doll, bouncing around for an hour with no purpose. I am going to keep trying the new classes and I cannot wait for the Beginner Ballet to start. That is really what inspired me to join this gym. Ballet, I know. I have no idea why, but I am excited to try a new type of dance. Sadly in the first week of working out, I lost a water bottle. Can't seem to locate it or remember where I last had it. Hard part of being so tired at the end of class all I can do it put one foot in front of the other.

My landlord replaced my hot water tank and I AM SO EXCITED!! I get to take a bath anytime I want and it is actually steaming hot. So hot, I slightly burn my foot getting in. More than a few times this week, I have jumped back screaming HOT HOT HOT! No worries, I am so happy with a bath too hot it takes a minute to get used to it. Wasn't sure I was going to get the water heater when my landlord insisted that I have normal water. Uhm, normal is 11-12 minutes of hot water. I was lucky to get 7 minutes. That is not normal. I think my good argument is what prevailed.

Started writing a new novel this morning, really excited. I am going to finish this one. I will write it and then figure out the logistics of it all. There is a bit of lawyering and laws I will need to beef up on and I want to make sure I am not just telling the story, but really showing it. I have both my mother and my grandfather (an editor in the past) to help me, which is awesome.

Saw the movie, Gone with Amanda Sefried who I love from Big Love. It was so good and so thrilling. Kept me on the edge of my seat. I had a friend I was going to go with and then I dropped my boyfriend off at the bus and had the rest of the day free, so I found myself in the theater seat before I could think twice.

I have been reading like a mad cat!! Not really news if you know me, but I am knee deep in the series Uglies by Scott Westerfeld. Can't wait to see what happens. I hav theories and I am horrified at the amount of physical transformation is required to move from an Uglie to a Pretty and so on. I just figured out the reasoning behind the titles too! (duh)

My boyfriend and I are trying to plan a week long vacation in the future and can't decide where to go. I have over 60 hours of paid vacation time at work and would like to use it all up at once. I can't remember the last time I took a real vacation and not just a few days off. He is thinking Germany, Australia, Hawaii or Florida for Universal Studios. I suggested Alaska, Canada, Bora Bora and Pennsylvania for the Amish country and bed in breakfasts. We have not really narrowed down a thing. We played on the internet for awhile almost deciding on Florida, but then we figured out the cost and thought we'd look a bit more. Thoughts? Ideas? Best vacation ever?

What has been happening in your world??

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