Review - Thumped by Megan McCafferty

Title: Thumped
Bumped #2
Author: Megan McCaffery
Publish Date: April 24, 2012
Publisher: Balzar + Bray
Hardcover, 304 pages

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Right away I was wondering why I liked this book so much better than the first book, Bumped. It took almost three chapters for me to figure out that Megan McCafferty dropped many of the weird ways the girls spoke. She did leave a few in, "I was so . . ." was one of my favorites. Though she used so many "fertilicious," pregging, egging. The first book almost required a few definitions from the religious talk of Harmony to the excitable, teen talk of Melody. The second book however, was toned down and made this book so much easier to read and in retrospect more enjoyable.

I'll be honest though, I am a bit bummed that this is the last book. I was hoping for a trilogy to find out exactly where Harmony and Melody actually found their happiness. Do they decide to eventually have kids or will they forever be without? Do they really take the fame and fortune earned by "Bumping" and make a stand? Or is this really it?

Don't get me wrong. I thought this book was so well thought up and completely creative. What a refreshing twist on the Teen Fiction Lit. It focuses on a very harsh opinion too of whether or not our society would adopt a similar policy of getting teenage girls pregnant to sell their babies should some catastrophic disease ever invade our society rendering women infertile. What is best for our teens? Bumping with parental consent or in secret? Is getting paid to have babies good or bad? Can it really be that easy of an issue?

Megan McCafferty also threw in religion to coincide with this touchy subject by allowing Harmony to come from a very religious sect of the country where women are not supposed to get pregnant for money, but rather get married young and be devoted to their God. Even though it was posed as two extremes, Megan McCafferty did a splendid job of making me vote for both sides. (ironic, huh?) But then again, I tend to vote for people who stand up for what they believe in.

Summary -

It’s been thirty-five weeks since twin sisters Harmony and Melody went their separate ways. And now their story has become irresistible: twins separated at birth, each due to deliver twins…on the same day!

Married to Ram and living in Goodside, Harmony spends her time trying to fit back into the community she once believed in. But she can’t forget about Jondoe, the guy she fell for under the strangest of circumstances.

To her adoring fans, Melody has achieved everything: a major contract and a coupling with the hottest bump prospect around. But this image is costing her the one guy she really wants.

The girls’ every move is analyzed by millions of fans eagerly counting down to “Double Double Due Date.” They’re two of the most powerful teen girls on the planet, and they could do only one thing to make them even more famous:

Tell the truth.

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