Wordless Wednesday - Claire Thomas from Food for Thought

I got this recipe from Claire Thomas who hosts the TV Show Food for Thought. She is the cutest, sweetest and so far my favorite tv chef. Her recipes are so easy and she seems to have a talent for making every recipe seem doable. I actually set my alarm on Saturday mornings to get up in time to see her show (when I am not working). This past week, she featured her Australian Pasta which you should really visit her blog and read the back story to why it is named this. Funny!! I also got a wild hair and decided to make her Cream Scones.

Here is the pasta sauce while it is simmering.

Here is the final dish. Australian Pasta with strawberries (just finished cutting them for the week's snacks, so I threw a few in) and her scones (bc I didn't make bread).

Also, Claire if you are reading this, QUESTION - On your blog recipe, you didn't specify searing the sausage and taking them out of the pan while the onions and garlic cook. But in your show, I distinctly remember you keeping them separate. ??

I think next time I will do a few things different. One, I will blanch and peel the tomatoes. Then using my potato smasher, smash the tomatoes before inserting them in the pan.

Wordless Wednesday
(not so wordless this week)


caite said...

oh, yes, I would peel the tomatoes. I do not like the skins in a dish personally.

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

It sure is pretty!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I agree it looks pretty and delicious! I will check it out.