Yoga and the Scowl-ey face

I am about 30 minutes out from my favorite class of the week - All levels yoga. This class is so wonderful for so many reasons.

It is the one class where we work on the wood floor, so doing any standing poses is easier than the carpet, bounce floor that they use for ballet and the other yoga classes.

The first 20 minutes or so is pure breathing and slow moving poses. It can be killer to hold a pose, but at the same time I take really long breaths so there are times I have trouble keeping up. But not for the first part of this class. It is built for me. I can really stretch in to each pose and perfect my technique.

We have a ton of bodies in this class so the energy level is so brilliantly positive. It's like a body of it's own. If I am struggling to focus, I can listen to others breathing in and out to help center me. If I can't remember what the pose is that he called out, I can casually look up and see so many people around me doing it.

All levels so I get to see some really spectacular poses that I have yet to be able to do like crazy head stands, but if I am tired or struggling with a pose I can do the easier version too.

It is an hour and a half so there is more than enough time to really do some serious yoga. Some classes I feel go too fast and I don't get a full relaxation time.

I love our instructor because he actually does the class with us. I have some instructors that just teach it, which is fine, but as a person who can have trouble hearing it helps to be able to see the pose. I also am a fan of good posture, so seeing a professional do the pose can help me perfect my own ability.

I leave dripping in sweat. (ew I know) It is such a good workout, inside and out. I get the full time to just be inside my own body. I leave all my cares behind and just breathe. Work through the anger and frustration that has built up. It is completely and utterly my time.


We had a new instructor in this class. Right after I wrote the post. Figures.

At first I didn't really care for her. She was very informal, talking during the entire class which I am sorry, I go to yoga to block out all the voices. She also used the formal yoga names which I don't know yet so I had to pause while I waited for others to indicate what the pose was. After a bit though, I got used to her. She is trying to lighten up the class, but keep it focused. It was good. I actually laughed during the class and still had a solid workout. She told a great story while we were holding the goddess pose.

The goddess pose to me is like wall sits when I was a swimmer. They suck and yet I love them. They hurt like hell, but I love the concentration it takes to do them. I feel stronger just knowing I can do them. She had us hold the pose for about five minutes. TWICE!

Here's her story:

She was already having a rough day, running late when someone pulled out in front of her while she was driving. They then proceeded to slow down. She rode their bumper, but they would not speed up. She tried to get around, but there were too many cars. Meanwhile she is screaming inside her car, so upset. She finally is able to get around the car and gets caught at a red light. Not only did they cut her off, now she missed the light. Well, she pulls up next to them to she thinks, I'll show them! She stops, turns and prepares to give the other driver her "Scowl-ey" face only to realize the other driver . . . is one of her yoga students!

This was a great story to give during our class as we were focusing on our facial muscles and how we project ourselves into the world. What type of message is our face sending others. I like this because I have TMJ so focusing on my face is important. Am I clenching my jaw? Is my jaw relaxed and my tongue touching the roof of my mouth? And hello, wrinkles come from unhappy facial expressions!

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