May be basic, but it's not easy

Yoga discussion today was based on the phrase, "it may be a basic class, but that doesn't mean it will be easy." I really liked this focus. It has so many meanings. But since I teaching myself to learn to relax and not take myself so seriously, it really takes to heart.

Life in general sometimes feels like it is so basic, boring even, but that doesn't mean it's easy.


Even though it seems like it should be basic, that doesn't mean it's going to be easy. (ie: don't beat up myself)

My boyfriend and I went to this awesome ropes challenge and talk about not being easy. It was basic ropes, swings, climbs, etc. I had an absolutely incredible time. It worked all my muscles and my mind was stretched to it's limit. There were so many times I thought I would give out and fall. Once, I did fall. I was climbing the wall and my feet just went out and down I went. Thankfully, I didn't fall too far, maybe a foot. It didn't feel great getting my harness to grab, but it could have been worse. I used a lot of yoga moves during the course. I used keeping my shoulders over my hips to stay in line with balance. I tried balancing on one foot to minimize the swinging when going from one rope to another. I switched from arms to legs and used my core as much as possible to reduce the amount of tiredness my muscles were feeling. It seemed to work as I had a great time the entire two hours we were there. My favorite part though was definitely the zip lines. There were a few really long ones. I screamed and yelled and hooted and hollered for joy!

It may be basic, but doesn't mean it's easy.

I will be picking up this line to use on a daily basis. I love positive messages and this one takes the cake. It just makes sense.

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