Heaven help us all

Overall, I am a happy person. I tend to smile and giggle and make jokes. I even laugh at my own jokes. In the past, I have been described as bubbly - which I gotta say isn't the nicest compliment. I even had one manager tell me he wanted to punch me in the face every time he saw me because I was in such a good mood all the time. It's become a side joke with us now.

I really don't see myself as a morning person or an evening person. I am not a huge fan of waking early and I sure as heck do not enjoy staying up. I consider myself a day person, like 10am - 6pm. Those hours suit me just fine, though ten to three are even better. I have even mastered the skill of waking and my mind drifts back to sleep only to wake up again when I am at work. Yes, I do have full conversations with people I cannot remember having.

Lately, I seem to be focusing on what makes me happy. I find that the little things that drive me nuts are what I want to cut out. The list is as follows -

get rid of negative people (or ignore them if possible)
work out/exercise
eat healthier
read a lot
find happy time to do whatever I want
be with my cats, family, bf (not nec in that order)
make my house as resort-like as possible
be outside with nature
get rid of pain
relieve anxiety, pressure to perform

I hunted down a TMJ dentist who I finally found online and sent a random email asking if he would see me when he was in town next. He sent back that he would see me. Come to find out he actually has a practice here. FABU! I am now fitted with a new TMJ mouth splint that I wear full time and at night. After only a few weeks, I am feeling no teeth pain, and less next and shoulder pain.


I am really doing well with the whole learning to relax thing and I can tell the people I work with appreciate it because now when they come to me and say, Oh man so and so happened, I say, "ok I'll handle it," instead of freakin' the F out. I am learning that I don't have to react at all. Some situations I can just mull over or just let go. Mostly I know now that I don't even have to get emotionally charged. It may concern me. I may have to deal with it, but it doesn't have to upset me.


I am working out four times a week doing some serious yoga. I sweat like a fiend through the class which I hope means I am doing something. My belly that has so carelessly decided to bulge a bit over my pants still is there, but I am hoping it is working it way to going bye bye. If anything, I am trying.

Eating healthier. Hmm, it is a bit more difficult that I would like to think. I eat fruits and veggies. I drink lots of water, but I also like sweets. And pasta. And bread. And all types of potatoes. I try to mix it up a bit. But boy, it's hard. I recently bought a low glycemic book that tells what I am craving versus what I should actually eat. Good start.

The point is, I seem to be finding the little annoyances in my life and working them out. Literally out of my life. I have never really done that before. I have so much control over my own life, why not focus a little on being happier?

Heaven help us all (especially that guy at work who wants to punch me) if I actually attain more happiness.

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