TV sucks you in

I am not a big fan of tv. Only because I have had bad experience with all the stupid people who sell you a satellite or cable. They just keep increasing the costs.

OH you want to have Oxygen channel? Well then you also have to have these other 800 channels you will never watch, but that will cost you another $30 A MONTH.

So when I moved, I swore no new tv costs. I have lived over three years without any kind of tv except the channels I get with a normal antennae. It is quite comical as when the weather changes, so do my channels.

I am addicted to Channel 12 morning news Monday through Friday where I watch The Today's Show, Kelli and Michael and Hoda and Kathy Lee. I don't catch it all the time, but I do try to catch a bit of it. Other than that, there isn't much I watch. Being in retail, my schedule is so different every week there is no way to actually continuously watch a program all the way through. I even tried watching online, but since I rarely know what day it is, I forget to check if a new episode is available.

THEN I went to my parent's house for a couple of days and my dad got me hooked on a show called, Chicago Fire Department. As my mother says, "it really isn't about the fires." There is so much drama and controversy going on, it is amazing these guys can even function. But alas, I am completely sucked in to the drama and want more.  We literally watched like ten episodes. It is about a Chicago Fire Department that houses a paramedics unit as well. They go on all calls from fires (duh) to chemical spills to gun shots to car accidents. It is quite funny that every 10 minutes there is a call bc having been in a fire house for a few weeks, there are days without calls. But that would be boring, yeah? The people are great. My favorite character has to be Shea. She is a blond, slim, lesbian EMT. She rooms with a guy on the fire squad, a lieutenant, who sleeps with anything that has legs, including an ex-date of Shea's who shows up unannounced. (lol) Her partner is Gabriela, a Spanish-speaking beauty who has a problem separating herself from the chaos she is working in. She is constantly in trouble trying to bailout immigrants, trying to decide who she is interested in. One of those interests is the other Lieutenant, Matthew, who was engaged and then he helped birth a baby at an accident scene and his fiance said she never wanted to have kids. So now he is dealing with his mother who is in jail for murdering their abusive father.

Seriously, DRAMA!!

But I truly enjoy the chaos and the characters are just fun and entertaining.

Here's a clip -

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AiringMyLaundry said...

I watch wayy too much TV but it keeps me amused.