Review & Interview: Fated Series by Sarah Alderson

I was so beyond excited when I happened upon seeing Sarah Alderson on facebook posting about looking for reviewers for her next book in the Fated series. I absolutely LOVE her books. Hunting Lila (and the followup, Losing Lila), is one of my favorites! The plot is so original, but has that pull to get me excited for each of the characters. And I simply cannot resist a really strong female lead. I was shocked to realize I hadn't even read any of the books in this series! And equally shocked to find that Fated was even on my Nook for download! Sarah Alderson mainly has her books on Amazon, so it is through them or Book Depository to order them. And being a big fan of my local bookstores, it is painful to order from Amazon. Though sometimes (like in her case) necessary.

Title: Fated
Fated #1
Author: Sarah Alderson
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Publish Date: Jan 5, 2012

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Evie has already had many loses in her life as both her parents were killed when she was a young child. She now lives with her foster, adopted mom in a house that boards people. She works endless amounts of jobs in order to get the heck out of her little town. She knows there has to be something better than what she has so far.

In walks in Victor, a mysterious man who is opening a very expensive boutique across the way and is looking for help. Will she be interested in an insane amount of money to come work for him? Hmmm, odd request, but yes she will.

It is then she finds out she is a Hunter. A woman with special powers and the need to kill the unhumans that want to rule this world and kill them.

Also thrown in is, Lucas, the ever handsome and sexy male that is half human, half unhuman. He is sent to kill her. He is sent to rid her of this world, as she may be the White Light as seen in the prophecy. It will be easy as she is untrained and unaware he is even there. Will she be able to kill Lucas before he kills her?


Seriously insanely good plot, no? And Evie is hilarious and I love that she shows her vulnerability, but not to the winy point of blah.

Title: Severed
Fated #2
Author: Sarah Alderson
Publisher: Amazon
Publish Date: Nov 28, 2012

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Two things here, one, I prefer the cover from the first book. I am not sure why because the cover really does speak of the things happening within this second book, but I like the girl on the front. Wondering what she is thinking and why. Two, AHHH why only Amazon! Actually ended up downloading the Kindle app on my phone and reading it that way. Not a fun method for someone with migraines. But oh it was so worth it.

To the reader, you definitely want to read these in order as they give away many secrets that were in the previous book. And sigh, who doesn't want to re-experience the heart wrenching times of Evie and Lucas??

They are a team now. He betrayed the Brotherhood and killed them all. GASP! And now, they fight along side each other trying to end the unhumans killing and find the answer to the prophecy. We meet many new characters in this book, one being Flic, Lucas' sister and Cirus, another hunter who has the hots for Evie. A love triangle?? Where Lucas is quiet and respectful, Cirus is talking up his best assets! It makes for very entertaining conversations. There is a lot of fighting in this book too!

Title: Severed
Fated #3
Author: Sarah Alderson
Publisher: Amazon
Publish Date: (expected) March 31, 2013

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What do I say without giving anything away???


Describe your work area? Where is it? What does it entail? Do you have helpers (animals, special props) to aid in writing?

I work either in my studio at home in Bali - which overlooks our garden and the rice paddies. One wall is painted with blackboard paint so we use that (my husband is a designer) to plot out our ideas. It's always a jumble of designs, book and screenplay plots and my daughter's math homework. We bought an old piece of tamarind wood - about eight foot long and had it turned into a desk that we both work at. 

If I'm not working at my desk I'm to be found at Hubud - which is a co-work space in Ubud, the town I live in. It's filled with very cool designers, writers and other creative and entrepreneurial types. I love it. At the moment I am writing a screenplay with someone and that's our workspace for that. 

But the truth is I can work anywhere. I write on planes, trains, in long as I have my computer and my music and headphones I'm good to go.

What do you do when writing; eat, drink, tap, stare out a window?

All of the above. I start the morning with coffee then I sit down to work. If I get distracted it's by social media or music. I'm very fortunate that I have a housekeeper and so I don't have the excuse of cleaning up to distract me. I also live next door to a juice/ coconut store and so I get daily deliveries of fresh juice and coconuts. Nice! Sometimes when I want a break I'll go for a swim and a float on my lilo!

Do you have a writing goal or when the feeling strikes?

No. I write almost every day. It's a job. If you don't treat it seriously, like a job, and put in the hours then you're never going to make a success of writing as a career. It's not a hobby. You have to show up every day and work your ass off.

What do you see when picturing the Severed cover?

When I see the Severed cover I see the way through opening (or is it closing?).

Is there a bit of Evie in you? Lucas in someone you know? How about Cyrus?

I think Evie's probably the character least like me. I think there are pieces of me in all my characters but I think I'm probably more like Lila and Ren (from The Sound). I admire Evie's integrity though.

I am a big fan of Evie, but I truly adored Flic! Who is your favorite character? Or is that like asking for your favorite child?

Eeeek. I think my favourite character is Cyrus but don't tell the others. I just love him. He's so noble and so funny and man he's a good kisser.

If you could be CEO of any company in the world, which one would it be and why?
I wouldn't. I worked in a non profit for 9 years in senior management and oh god, I'm SO glad to be out of it. Not that I didn't enjoy it at the time but I realise now that I'm so much happier setting my own times, working for myself and not having to commute. I am really, really glad to have shed the 'manager' title and identity that goes with it.

If you could visit any country for one year, where would it be and why?
I'd like to live in Bhutan as it's supposed to be the happiest country in the world. I'd like to figure out the secret.

Did you know you were going to be an author from the get-go?

No. I had no idea until I was 30 and I started writing one day.

Do you own any digital devices to read on?
I had a Kindle but my daughter accidentally kicked it into the swimming pool. Now I have an iPad mini and use the Kindle App. It's hard to get books in Bali so I love my Kindle!

What kind of advice would you give a wanna-be author/writer?
Read everything you can get your hands on, learn about structure and plotting, find your own voice don't copy someone else's, write every single day, don't be hard on yourself, just keep moving on. I don't think it's so much about genius as it is about working very, very hard.

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