Well hello there old friend

Crazy how long it has been since I posted, but life has gotten in the way. And if I was completely honest, I was rolling into a depression because work was excruciatingly stressful. Sad, too because I really loved working there. Alas, I have parted ways with that stressful situation and am waiting patiently for my new job to start in a few months. Currently I am blessed to be writing at home. Yes, I know. I really am not working. I am not bringing in a paycheck. I am so lucky to have this limited time opportunity to just do what I have always wanted, write. It was a little hard at first. I felt so lost not having a real focus, but in reality, I have never really allowed myself to see writing as a focus. Now I have no distractions. It is me and all my ideas. And I am truly blessed that my mom will be editing my work as I go.

I am using the days to retrain my breathing during running and enjoying yoga while watching my cats in their ever present regard for the relaxing life. I am back to juicing an bunch of vegetables mixed with fruits. I am brewing my own iced tea at home. My lunch sandwich gets a new addition every day - ham and cheese to start, then I added avocado, today I added tomatoes. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? Stress be gone. My cats never remember being stressed out seconds earlier. Why do I carry it?

Seriously, have you ever seen a cat stressed out? Oh wait, my Izabel does kind of lose it sometimes, but whatever. They really have perfected the way to sleep all day, watch the birds (and there are, currently, a lot of baby birds in my front yard), choose to be scared of or amazed by the strong wind, get excited for a can of cat food in the morning. You name it. Life is good - for my cats.

There are lessons to be learned by them though. Keep life simple. I can only control my own actions, thoughts and feelings. When in doubt, hide under the bed. (I kinda like this one) A treat is still a treat when found days later on the kitchen floor. Ignore the constant nagging, "No" of the one holding the ice cream because they are sure to share! Naps are so much better when loved ones are home.

I could go on, but I am still in the process of watching and learning.

There is this absolutely incredible little coffee shop I love to visit. It is small and quaint. The people who work there are like a small youtube video with personality that cannot be contained. I love the relaxed atmosphere. I like that I can go and write with a ginormous mug of their special and not be disturbed by random strangers. I can enjoy the heaviness of the wooden tables and chairs, the hatter that is endless, the whirling of the coffee grinder and the finesse of the hand crafted whip cream art. I feel inspired just being there.

Then again, I have been inspired for years, I just haven't used the opportunity to put ideas to paper, until now. It is sad how long I have wanted this passion to become real and it is wonderful that I am finally taking advantage and doing so.

My acknowledgement page will be so full of people and the love I feel for them allowing me to do this that I hope to be able to condense it enough for my (hopeful) readers to actually read - or pass up - whichever type of reader you are. My fiance, is so amazingly supportive that he would agree for me to take two months off of work (in between jobs) to write. ACK! He even said I need to write for a certain period of time each day, so I can do it. (probably so I'll stop talking about writing and actually do it) My mom for not only supporting me during my stress ridden time, but for being so open about editing. My dad for always asking, "what is your plan?!" and keeping me on track for the real future. My cats for not giving me grief when I end up napping in the middle of the day.

Simply, thanks.

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Anonymous said...

You have the best "thinking/dreaming" view with the beautiful lake. Join those kitties in the window for a while!