It is SO sad; Nigella Lawson

I am so sad for Nigella Lawson.

No one will really know what happened in that restaurant or what is really going on in their relationship, except them, but the fact that her husband cannot come forward and admit he made a drastic mistake and hurt her (emotionally and/or physically) is so sad to me. I think this, in and of itself, is the worst part.

A true, loving partner would be able to admit he made a wrong judgement in grabbing her throat, regardless of the fact that "there was no grip." Even if it was not done in public for all the press to see and the restaurant staff - who did nothing. A husband still made a gesture that could inflict harm FROM HIM to his wife.

I think it is despicable that he tells police that "it was a playful tiff." Who gives a crap?! If it was a tiff, call it what it was - an argument, a disagreement where HE GOT OUT OF HAND. Stand up and be a man. Be a good man and admit you were wrong. There is never a reason to grab ANYONE (man or woman) by the throat unless you are physically protecting yourself from harm. And is is very obvious from the photos that in no way shape or form was Nigella capable of harming him, sitting across the table and being half the size physically.

For that reason, I feel so sad for Nigella and her relationship because without honesty and without accountability, nothing will ever truly be healthy in that relationship.

Article quote taken from USA Today
Photo top, left courtesy of USA Today


Jane Cisneros said...

Gosh, poor thing. Domestic violence comes in many forms!

Kimberly said...

And her face is not "please don't choke me" but "please don't choke me HERE" which is doubly-sad.

Shannon Mateo said...

I think the next day, or maybe two days later he actually went to the police and turned himself in and admitted to what he did. That doesn't make it right but I'm glad he at least admitted it and stopped blowing it off as playful