Romantic Ideas and Date Plans

My fiance and I will be keeping the date night thing going as we get married and celebrate our anniversaries. I love date night. Things get busy, but we have been really good at doing this. Course we do like to eat out, so dinner can become a good quality face time.

My all time classic date night is simply dinner and a movie - dinner requires talking. We do what we can to not answer texts. We try to talk. Some nights it more difficult than others, but I try to remember being quiet with each other is a good thing too. (no texting during quiet times)

  • Make dessert together
  • Sit next to each other, touching, while watching an old tv series you both enjoy
  • Make each other (him to you, you to him) a favorite drink and sit on the patio to enjoy outside
  • Play a board game (more than one round)
  • Facing each other on the couch, give your spouse a foot rub
  • Lay in bed and watch a movie on your computer, which requires being very close
  • Plan a meal, grocery shop together and then make it together
  • Go for a walk
  • Fill the car with a few drinks, set off on a car ride
  • Do an exercise DVD together (we did this on one of our first dates)
  • Take a class together (local grocery store or restaurants have them)
  •  Pack your spouse's bag and go to a hotel for the night - enjoy the pool, spa, beautiful vistas, restaurant, free bikes or hikes
  • Make fondue and feed each other
  • Take a dip in the pool (or in your neighbor's)
  • Teach your special someone to do something
  • Pick up a book and read to each other (he's getting used to me doing this lol)
  • Stroll the local farmer's market
  • Go bowling (we do this all the time)
  • See if he'll braid your hair
  • paint each other's toenails (then remove his paint)
  • Go window shopping and laugh at the crazy things you will never need
  • Visit a coffee/tea shop and share a pastry
  • Go for a long bike ride, enjoy a snack at the halfway mark
  • Take a vacation!! No really, do this. Even if it's just for a weekend.
  • Make breakfast and then take it back to bed for at least a few more hours
  • Read side by side (this has to be one of the most romantic things, for me)
  • Apply a removable tattoo to each other
  • Take a shower together (make sure to use the soapy sponge)
  • Make a night where you share a joke you heard that week
  • Have a cocktail hour (one of my girlfriend's used to do this) every day for 30 minutes they would side on the couch side by side and enjoy a drink while sharing their day
  • Go to the park and toss a football, baseball around (make it fun and doable) (we do this and he laugh at me bc I am not that great, but it's fun)
  • Go to a wine tasting
  • Go to a beer tasting (they have these now!)
  • Try kissing for 10 seconds each day (this one is hilarious, but totally works)
  • Take a bath together (suds optional)

What is your favorite idea or thing to do on date night?


AiringMyDirtyLaundry said...

Date night is fantastic! My husband and I love to see movies or go out to eat.

Stephsco said...

Cocktail hour is so cute! I've been married awhile, and one thing, while it sounds dumb, is I try to not pajama-out immediately when I get home. My husband and I work different schedules, so it's tempting to want to be slunked in to yoga pants and whatever by the time he walks in, but when I dress cute for work I want him to see it. I also found that wearing cuter stuff even around the house makes me feel better (I work from home some days so I don't even have to go out of the house twice a week). I get being comfortable, but I also want to look and feel good about myself.

We do a lot of dinners in watching Netflix. But I do like a good dinner out and a movie. Sushi is usually our choice.