Grace in small things - edition three

Schmutzie created Grace in Small Things as a daily reminder to take notice of the positive things we tend to overlook.

Grace in Small Things exists because we are choosing not to allow the noisiness of life to rob us of the time and energy to be mindful of ourselves and those we love and to recognize the grace that exists in small things.

Grace in Small Things is for YOU, because you deserve it.

Grace in Small Things is a challenge for every day, because there's no time like the present, tomorrow never comes, and some other cliche about seizing the day. Oh, right: carpe diem.

My simple graces for the week -

1. I have a long list of positive affirmations that when I am down, pick me up. I have had a rough week (a week back) and I have gone back to writing great quotes and sticking them to my bathroom mirror.

2. I love my long showers I take each week. For one night each week, I take the time to lavish in suds and hot water. I stand under the shower and just relax every muscle one by one. It's me time with no intruding thoughts or feelings.

3. I love McDonald's little vanilla cones. When I was little, we would roll through the drive-thru and grab a quick and inexpensive treat. On a hot day, it is the perfect cooler.

4. I have found my inner girl that LOVES skirts. I have always been a tomboy kinda girl who lives in jeans and tanks, but recently I have realized that skirts and dresses are just as comfortable. Especially that I get to wear them with flip flops.

5. I can go all day, at work or on a day off, without wearing any make-up. So many women out there cannot leave their house without it, but me, I can. I like this about me.


Duchess said...

I love skirts too. They make me feel girly when I want them to and they are comfortable as a pair of jeans when I need them to be.

I love this idea!

jayayceeblog said...

Affirmations can be very helpful. Gotta start my day right with a long, hot shower. We really did visit McDonald's drive thru and get vanilla cones after dinner a lot, didn't we? Hey, I've been telling you for years how enjoyable it is to throw on a skirt with flip flops. I hate wearing makeup and don't bother most of the time.