Martha Monday - summer cake

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Martha Monday

Every summer I get a craving for this cool, refreshing cake. I honestly do not know what it's called. I got it from my mom. I call it Jello Cake. It is seriously the easiest thing you will ever make. AND it is SO good. When temperatures are deathly hot, it gives my mouth a break of cool goodness.

Ingredients: Favorite cake mix
favorite jello mix
whipped topping/cool whip

Make cake mix following directions on box

(Let me take a moment to thank my mother for giving me a hand mixer after I burned out two of them. It is so much easier to make with a hand mixer.)

Pour the cake batter into a cake pan size of your choice
Bake following directions on the box.

Let cake sit and cool.

When cake is cool, poke cake all over with holes.
I have this really cool hair pick that I have used (strictly for this cake and not for any other thing like hair) for years because it makes a lot of holes at once.

When cake is cool, make jello mix according to box directions.

Pour jello over cake and put in fridge to set.

After jello has set (give it hours), pour cool whip over cake.
Smooth as if cake icing.

Serve and eat as wanted.

I love this cake because I can switch up the flavors as I want -
lemon cake with orange jello
strawberry cake with lemon jello
yellow cake with strawberry jello
You name it. I can mix it.


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jayayceeblog said...

Mmmm, now I want Jello cake. I've also heard them called Poke Cakes. Our favorite is probably white cake with strawberry jello. You can also make them "light" by using sugar free jello and fat free or light whipped topping. Sounds yummy!