Mommywood by Tori Spelling

I am knee deep in Mommywood by Tori Spelling.

I read her first book (sTORI telling) years ago, and loved it. I think the thing I love most about Tori is she is very down to earth. She may have money, she may have fame, but she just wants what all of us want. A life of love, happiness and a place to call home. I enjoyed reading about her travels through life's turmoil. We all have to find our way through the muck of our past, our parents, our growing up. It all plays a very valid role in who we are today.

In her new book, Mommywood, she explores the day to day inner working of being a mom in the world of Los Angeles surrounded by celebrities (being that she is one). I love the chapter about the awe she felt seeing another celebrity's baby at yoga and then relating that to how her kids will feel someday. I love how she tells her jealousy that Dean is a natural father, where she feels lost and how her son calls for him all the time and she can't seem to please.

It is her imperfections that make me like her and the fact that she embraces them, instead of hiding them is fabulous. I also enjoy the fact that she laughs at herself - or tries at least - because, as I know, that is very hard to do.

Sigh, I just wish I got Oxygen on one of my five channels. Or maybe hulu will pick it up. One can only hope.

Have you read this yet?

What are you currently reading?

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jayayceeblog said...

I read her first book and remember thinking it was pretty entertaining. Will have to read this one, too. I am currently reading a true life foodie book called "Service Included." Good stuff!