Grace in small things - edition six

My cup runneth over

Today was one of those days where I am so happy to be alive and living my life.

For the first time in almost five days, I am feeling better. YEAH!!

I got to sneak out of work for about 10 minutes. I walked to Starbucks to get some treats for my team. And myself. (perk!!) I was walking, yes, it was still one hundred and hell degrees outside, but it was GORgeous. There was little clouds in the sky, it was bright and cheerful. I was wearing this beautiful skirt that I got from work the other day. My free piece in our latest collection. Oh yes, I get free clothes on occasion. (perk!!) And it hit me -

I was walking to Starbucks.
I was getting paid to go on an errand
I was getting Starbucks too!

I felt myself stop mid walk just to take a few deep breaths. It was glorious!

So I started ticking off all the things I am thankful for -

My eyes are feeling better. I gave in and went to the dr on Friday before work. Turns out it is some kind of eye infection, viral, but of course, they don't know exactly what it is. Wednesday, it was in my left eye, by Friday it was in both. They gave me some eye ointment to rub in my eyes over the next week. Said it would feel better after 24-48 hours. Turns out they were right. Huh, odd. I have my energy back too. Not to mention I'm hungry again.

I am in love. And he is in love with me. He is considering moving in with me, which is the next step in a possible long term relationship. He is good to me. He takes care of me. He considers how I feel. It is good to be with him. Am I ever going to get tired of repeating this to myself?

I bought new pjs the other day. Who doesn't love new pjs? AND they were one clearance. They are oh so cute! They're capris. Saint calls them high waters, but what does he know? They are pinstriped with buttons. My first pjs without drawstrings. Without telling too much information, Saint had quite the time figuring out how to take them off. Hilarious!!

I have a beautiful apartment. Two bedroom, one of which is my very own craft room. WOOT! I just redid it. It's all organized and ready to play in. Well, almost. I do have a few things to still organize and decide to keep or throw away, but whatever. (for pics, see Martha Monday post tomorrow)

Clean sheets. Who doesn't love sliding in to nice, hot, freshly made sheets? With my not feeling well, I have been washing the sheets every other night just to make sure.

I am completely addicted to Sun Chips. I love the original flavor, but Saint recently invested in a huge bag of all flavors, so I am trying them one by one. I do enjoy french onion and I don't mind the cheddar, but not a fan of the salsa.

My kitties are happy and healthy. After Izabel's lion cut, she is in a much better mood and very lovable!

My family is taking a nice vacation to New England later in the year together. That will be fun! I have always wanted to visit Boston, Newport, Martha's Vineyard, etc.

Life is good.

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jayayceeblog said...

Those are all great things to be grateful for! I know what you mean about being outside. We were in the pool way too much this weekend. I didn't get sunburned, but got a lot of sun. It was a gorgeous weekend!