the morning argument

Saint and I have been having this little thing about his alarms. Yes, that is plural - alarms.

He goes to work every morning around 330am. Sometimes earlier and sometimes later.

When we sleep at my place, I don't know that I even wake up when he leaves. Though he is so sweet to wake me up to say goodbye. Really, this is the most romantic thing. Sadly, I do this weird air kisses because my brain won't quite wake up. But I know when I wake up later that he said bye. Love it.

When we sleep at his place, I am awake before his alarm goes off. If not, I wake up after the first - slightly. Probably just enough to really wake up after the second. By the fourth, I am full blown awake and really want to just kick his ass out of bed so he falls on the floor. And then I imagine I would beat him with his two phones which contain the hateful alarms. I hate it!!

His alarms go off for a half hour. So starting around 230am, his alarms go off til after 3am. Then I am awake while he gets ready. Then I get up and get dressed so I can drive home and fall back asleep. I am way too awake to go back to sleep after all this. I lose about two hours when I sleep at his place.

I was telling him last night how funny love is. In the beginning, I would/could sleep anywhere, in any position with him. Now, over a year later, I can't even sleep in his bed well. There are many reasons for this -
  • he keeps his room door closed and the air is stagnant; it reeks of stale air
  • the temperature in his place is warmer than mine, considerably (I am guessing they do this so girls will take off their clothes when they come over - lol)
  • I don't have my body pillow at his place (a serious comfort thing for me)
  • mentally I know that it is not my place and therefore I don't know that I completely ever fall into a fitful sleep
  • I do not like sleeping at his place when I am alone; I sleep a bit better (or maybe have a better chance of sleeping) when his roommate is home because I feel more protected (not that anything will happen) once he leaves for work
The argument we have goes a bit like this -
  • Six alarms went off this morning.
  • No, I only have four alarms.
  • I am telling you, I was awake for all six. I counted. I think you are hitting snooze.
  • I don't hit snooze.
  • Well then somehow you have more than four alarms.
  • No, I really don't. I have four alarms set. Do you want me to show you?
And then it goes into the classes silence because I am not stupid and I watch him check his four alarms every night (OCD much? Oddly I find this attractive). Plus I know what he thinks, but the fact is he is not awake for the actual alarms going off. So his perception is way different. Not to mention, he is a scientist through and through. If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck ---- seriously NO ONE will be able to tell him different.

To be completely honest, this really doesn't bother me. The whole alarm thing.

I am not a morning person and when I wake up - scratch that - when I get woken up and I don't feel like I slept well I AM CRANKY. I wake up and lay there waiting for him to get up and get ready so I can get up and go home to resume my sleep. It sucks. It is a long time to lay there wishing I was sleeping. It kinda pisses me off. I don't know why. Could it be, the man hits those damn alarms for over 30 minutes without caring that I am WIDE AWAKE? Maybe it's the fact that he can hit the alarm and fall instantly back to sleep whereas I take time to fall asleep.
One morning, I texted him after I woke up (officially) while he was at work and asked him if he still loved me after I argued with him til he was blue in the face. I feel bad that I provoke him and bicker with him, but I swear I am on autopilot. At three am, I pretty much do not have any control over my emotions.

His response, "It's okay. I am used to you in the morning."

Crap, HE HAS TO GET USED TO ME? Ugh, that isn't good. Definitely not a compliment.

Yet, I still don't seem to be able to let it go. This morning I literally woke up and laid there waiting to execute my line of "six alarms." Like a murderer plotting.

I am hateful in the morning. And apparently have no remorse until after 8am.


jayayceeblog said...

That would probably put me right over the edge. I'd be wide awake at the first alarm and never get back to sleep. I guess this is a measure of true love! =)

Duchess said...

4 alarms, really?! EWWWW I hate alarm clocks.

The Boy's alarm goes off before mine and if he doesn't shut it right off, I hit him with the pillow sleepily and tell him to get it together. I hate to be woken up by an alarm and always wake up before mine goes off.