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I am completely addicted to big brother 12. Completely.

It is what I do in my down time. Realizing this, I try to ween myself off of this. But I find myself wanting to know what is going on in the house. I am following the live feeds thanks to Saint's roomie, Montana who gave me his information.

If you are following, these are the other ways I watch big brother12 -

I am rooting for Britney and Lane. Really odd because it took weeks for me to really find someone I liked. Usually I know from episode 1. Not this season. I find this season to be totally different.

I am shocked at the amount of cussing and bad mouthing that goes on in the house. They do a crazy job editing this for tv.

At the same time, I am deeply annoyed with how much editing goes on. It is about four days past the actual "live" things that are occurring. So watching the live feed I know at least a day in advance what is happening. Then comparing that to what they show and how they put it together on the one hour episode is very interesting. They really do a good job portraying people in the light that the show wants them to be. I like that this season talks about this constantly - their on tv persona and how the producers encourage it all.

This feeds the nosy aspect of my personality. I would love to go through people's mail, look through their windows, etc. I don't obviously, I just love people watching. In college, I would find a table to study at and then pretty soon be so completely distracted trying to guess what others were majoring in with regards to their clothes, actions, etc. I should have majored in Sociology.

It is fascinating how short sighted they are. How one hour can completely erase what happened earlier. How a chaotic situation with screaming and emotions flying can distract from the plan of evicting someone when the person was thinking clearly. How they mimic each other and make fun of them. How after a few moments of time, they can accurately fit in to the conversation and become almost a group of one person. I find it deplorable how in one room they are all friends and in the next they massacre the others making fun and saying truly horrible things. I laugh at the way, when someone is on the block or close to a person possibly being evicted, they talk about how this is game play to keep them in the house when in reality they are just trying to save their own butts. The interactions, to me, are simply fascinating. As Montana said, "it's like watching rats in a maze."

I sit here and listen to all the different ways they are portrayed in the media. How Kathy is called a "cockblocker" and wonder how will she feel, how will her family feel, when she finds out they have been calling her this the entire time? What about Rachel and how she prances around in dresses so short they are misinterpreted as shirts? Ragan speaking about how he is "third best" at given some guy he has sex with head and that he was offended to only be third best, but after finding out how many people he has been with he is now complimented?? And yet, we all sit by and watch this kind of thing happen. Is this real life? Is this a messed up reality? It is like watching a train wreck. I cannot look away. I am so torn, I want to help them, but I also want to watch it all play out.

Check out this article here talking about when the media got a free pass to tour the BB12 house.

Are you watching? How do you feel about it all?


Shell said...

I'm watching, but I haven't been checking out the live feed or the live feed updates for once. They usually tell a much different story than what we get to see on tv.

Just Breathe said...

I love BB. I have watched since day one and look so forward to it each year. I watch BB After Dark each night on Showtime.