Dairy Queen, you let me down

It's my birthday in a week and I have been a loyal email customer of Dairy Queen for a year now simply to get the one free blizzard on my birthday.

Okay if I was totally honest, I signed up for the free blizzard to begin with. They swayed me with the "get a free blizzard with email sign-up" and then switch a roo'd me with a BUY 1 first AFTER I signed up.

I mean really, do they not understand some people live alone and just want ONE blizzard? Sometimes I DON'T want to bring a friend to DQ! Sometimes I just want to run by and use a coupon for a free blizzard!!


They have to throw in the BUY 1 crap first.

I have bought many ONE blizzards - PB Cup, Oreos, Snickers, Cookie Dough . . .

And I mean, blizzards are not cheap at almost $5 each. It is nice to have a blizzard that will last me all week and have little spoonfuls here and there, but it's just not cheap.

I didn't even get the one free with my email sign-up, but I figured it's okay I will get a free one on my birthday.

NOPE!! Buy 1 first.



A girl can't even get a free blizzard on her birthday.

Sigh, I gotta say Dairy Queen you let me down. BIG TIME.

That's okay, I guess I'll just hit Baskin Robbins up for their $1 scoop night on the Tuesday before my birthday. It's not a BLIZZARD, but it will do.

I guess.

This just in - a coupon from baskin robbins for a free ice cream! HELLO!!! I am officially boycotting Dairy Queen.

A free burger from Red Robin and a free breakfast from IHOP.

Starbucks even sent me a free drink for my birthday!

What's up DQ?


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DQ, you bastards! Mark 'em as spam!!!