WHO do they think they are?

I have completely dismantled the couch.

I am sitting here with one pillow behind me and all others on the floor, including the big fluffy pillows that I lean on when sitting on the couch.

All day, my kitties have been trying to sit on me.

I guess they missed me a bit this past weekend.

But alas, I am such an ass. I am on the computer (big surprise, huh?) and therefore, they know there is not enough room for me, the computer and a cat. Which means, they REALLY want to sit on my lap.

Kinda like when I read a book. They want all the attention and will practically fling the book out of my hands, just to distract me. Or when I am watching tv, they want to do yoga on the coffee table - directly in my eye line. Or when I go to eat, they begin to vomit up something, anything to get attention so I will put my food down so the other may sample what I have made.

I try to encourage them to sit next to me.

F*ck no!
They refuse.

Instead they stalk off, only to come back ten minutes later and try again.

Maybe, just maybe, I have changed my mind.

I cuddle with them. I pet them. I pull them in. I kiss and talk to them. But seriously, what do they want?

Oh yeah, to sit exactly where the computer is. And I am not allowed to move. If I move, they will either bite me (Izabel) or get up and stalk off (Tuesday). I don't have the patience for that. Just too tired today.

So as the day has progressed, I have one at a time, taken a pillow off the couch and tossed it on the floor. I then spend five minutes making loving noises and patting the couch next to me. Coaxing them to reside next to me. Wherein both the cats glare at me and cuss inside. Then stand up, pivot around and stalk off, giving me a nice picture of their ass. What they think of me - I am sure.

They are relentless.

I would be annoyed except they slept suctioned next to me all night long. A sign of affection. In a really messed up way.


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Duchess said...

Oh, cats they are crazy. Mine's currently running laps around the apartment chasing her stuffed toy. She tried to fit on the windowsill with the plant too.

But we love them no matter what :0)

jayayceeblog said...

Our dogs are exactly the same way. Especially when I knit. Louie will sit and stare at me like his eyes are burning holes In whatever I'm knitting. And if I let him up on my lap, he'll never leave. Miles is easy, though. All you have to do is hug and kiss him for a minute and he squirms and can't get away fast enough. Is it time for some kitty lovin'?