Grace in small things - birthday love; edition nine

This Grace in small things is dedicated to birthdays and the things I love.

1. Free things - emails, coupons and singing that only come once a year
  • Starbucks - a free coffee
  • IHOP - free breakfast
  • Red Robin - free burger
  • Baskin Robbins - free scoop

2. Coffee - waking up slowly, making a cup of coffee and then going back to bed even just for 10 more minutes

3. Movies - I love going to a good movie and AMC Theaters is awesome with their $5 movies before noon; I will be viewing the Expendables this birthday

4. Not being bogged down by gifts, but rather enjoying sentimental moments and the people I love

5. All the incredibly, wonderful calls I will invariably receive with loud, obnoxious singing, but filled with love. Also accompanied by the cards that are sent in the mail.

extra credit grace -
all the people who truly care enough
to vote for my video contest entry
to WIN a month in the wilderness backpacking
courtesy of NOLS
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what birthday things do you love?

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jayayceeblog said...

Cake ... lots of chocolate cake!!!