Martha please don't leave me

My mother has informed me recently that Martha Stewart is moving to the hallmark channel.


I have finally found a mission in my mornings. My entire morning centered around the morning Martha Stewart show. If I woke up late, I would run in the living room, turn on the tv and sit mesmerized by her show. Actually, if I remembered I would make sure that BEFORE I went to bed, my tv would actually get reception on the channel so I was ready. If the stupid antennae messed up I would stand there, for 60 minutes, holding it up so I could watch the entire thing. Coffee would wait, cereal would wait. It was all about Martha.

And now, my five channels are not good enough for her?!?!?!?

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jayayceeblog said...

They've taken over hours of programming in addition to her show. Various cooking shows and the pet guy will have his own show soon, too.