Saint took care of my kitties while I was away for the weekend.

He fed them, cleaned out the litter boxes and just basically made sure they stayed alive. Very simple task.

Apparently Izabel decided to make him work for it.

I am sitting on the couch, just got home a couple of hours ago. Izabel is sitting next to me relishing in the fact that I am back. She is very needy.

Saint walks in and greets me only to look down and spot Izabel. He says, "hey shithead." It was smothered in disgust.

She shit on the floor everyday I was gone.

(smothering my laughter here)

He had to clean it up. Every day.

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pinkpiddypaws said...

hahahahahaha!!! My cat does the same thing if I leave her with Mr. AP. Well, sort of. She'll puke everywhere and when I get home, it magically stops!