Reverb10: TRY: hosting christmas (just little ol' me)

REVERB10: Try: What do you want to try next year? Is there something you wanted to try in 2010? What happened when you did / didn’t go for it?


ACK! Remember this list? About halfway down it says host Thanksgiving. Well, close enough. I am hosting Christmas eve for myself, Saint, my co-assistant manager, her beau and my boss. Plus, Saint will be staying with me through the holiday and I offered up a Christmas Day meal. WHAT?!?!?!?

I am making it easy on myself though. I am making my Crockpot Dish of chicken in spaghetti sauce then poured over pasta with broccoli and bread on the side. Served with wine. For Christmas Eve.

But of course there's a small caveat . . .

I am talking to Saint on the phone and ask, "So what should we have for Christmas Day?" Honestly, thinking something small and easy. Not like sandwiches or anything, but something I don't know, one dish kinda thing.

Saint - Ham
Me - Ham, ok. How big of a ham?
Saint - Half?
Me - Half? How big is half?
Saint - Not so big.
Me - Half. Okay. What else?
Saint - Don't care as long as Stovetop is involved.
Me - Stovetop? (slightly raised voice) I have never made Stovetop before.
Saint - All you do is boil water.
Me - Good. You are in charge of that.
Saint - Ok I'll boil the water. (very sarcastic)
Me - (ignoring the sarcasm) What else?
Saint - Corn
Me - Ok
Saint - Salad
Me - Salad? Really? (he's not much of a veggie guy) What kind of dressing then?
Saint - Italian, Cesear or Ranch. Whatever.
Me - So you want like a premixed salad?
Saint - Yes, no reason to go to trouble of cutting a head of lettuce.
Me - Hmmm, ok salad. What else?
Saint - Potatoes?
Me - Right, potatoes. (in my head, I am freaking out a bit. i'm adding up all the dishes I have to prepare and have ready around the same time. this shit never happens for me. I mean really who decided all dishes have to be ready to eat at the same time. a real meal for just the two of us. first time ever. holy crap. a full meal. just the two of us.)
Saint - What about dessert?
Me - DESSERT? I already have fudge and peanut butter kisses cookies. And we'll probably have leftover dessert from Christmas Eve.
Saint - Oh.
Me - Maybe a pie. Apple? Peach?
Saint - No I don't really like fruit pies. Kind of tart. I prefer chocolate pies.
Me - Okay I'll pick something.

Now, in history this guy is the most laid back, no requests kind of guy. Here all of a sudden, I feel so stressed out and like I have to perform. It wasn't like he was demanding either. It was a very natural conversation. I could have told him no and scrapped it all, but what fun would that be and I have this slightly homemaker feeling going on. Especially knowing it will be our first holiday together, all by ourselves. Seems like it could be romantic and fun - in a not so psychotic way. Right?

But honestly, what is the worst that could happen? I burn down the place? Not really with supervision. And you better believe that man will be supervising or at least in the kitchen (near the kitchen) keeping me company. At least until he drives me nuts and I send him away. Isn't that usually what happens when a man is asked to help or be present?

A whole new opportunity to see how our relationship will develop as I try and do what "normal" people do.

If all else fails, the local diner is open on Christmas Day and they have a killer Farmer Platter. (I actually have pictures, I swear)

So after all that, my answer to the reverb10 exercise today TRY is that I am and have been wanting to try hosting parties and get togethers.

In 2010, I paroosed my Martha Stewart Cooking School book and tried multiple recipes meanwhile I learned my way around a kitchen enough to be able to prepare a basic meal; something that would at least make me happy and my family leave with full bellies. But I want to go a touch further.

I remember my mother and father always hosting parties for such and such company or group of friends. Some that got way out of hand, but were fun regardless. The way my life is going now would be a great time to start building some relationships and connecting with people I'd like to grow with in the future. Step out of my comfort zone and though someone may annoy me or push me, I should give them a chance outside of the norm and invite them over. Invite them into my life and see what happens. I suppose I could always kick them back out. Wow, that was so not in the holiday spirit. Oops.


E. said...

What on earth is stovetop? Please explain.

I'm lucky that Mr E does the whole Christmas food thing. Even though we are having Christams at my family this year he will probably do the Christmas food on New Year's Day. And I won't be helping at all! Yay, me.

Have fun.

jayayceeblog said...

Go for it. People mostly just want to get together and visit and they're pretty forgiving if something doesn't go just right. I think Julia Child said, "Never apologize," and she was so right. Just smile and move on. Have a wonderful party!

Pepsi Breath said...

Beacuse I'm not comfortable with it, either, I get through entertaining by reminding myself beforehand that I will have forgotten to get one thing at the store and/or one thing won't cook/look right. Once that thing is identified, I can relax. Last week I forgot carrots to bake with potatoes and chicken breasts. The world did not end.

Also remember that your guests are there for YOU, not your food. They would go to a restaurant if that's all they wanted.

WhisperingWriter said...

I'd suck at entertaining during Christmas. My mind is always on other things, like wrapping all those presents, that I'd be an awful hostess.