cookie carnage

Looking at this picture of leftover hershey kisses wrappers, I can't help but wonder what Martha Stewart would be able to craft out of the them.

I think it's crap that in order to bake these peanut butter hershey kisses cookies (AKA: peanut butter blossoms), I have to take the time to individually unwrap each of the damn kisses. Especially without my wingman. It takes twice as long because I have to eat every other one unwrapped. Or maybe I forgot to put it in the bowl instead of my mouth. It's unusual to unwrap and not eat.

I scooped the cookies on to the two separate baking sheets before hand to make sure I had enough room and was ready to swap out the cookies.

Sadly, my first baking sheet cookies were WAY TOO BIG and I will have to keep those and eat them. Heaven forbid someone sees that I messed up the first batch.

Luckily, I was able to half the second batch and make smaller, more acceptable looking cookies.

WHOOPS! I dropped this warm, moist, straight out of the oven cookie upside down on the counter. Had to use my finger to wipe up the melted chocolate and then eat the cookie in order to keep the counter clean.

Here are half of the ooey, gooey, wonderfully warm cookie remains.


jayayceeblog said...

Man those look good! I think I gained weight just thinking about eating all the "mistakes." =D The big pile of foil from the kisses makes me think of the movie "Signs" where they were wearing aluminum foil on their heads so the aliens couldn't read their minds or something like that.

Pepsi Breath said...

Grandma R. used to make these a lot. I've never tried them myself. Just might have to. I did get motivated to bake a batch of regular ol' choc chip cookies and give to a few neighbors as Yuletide gifts. I of course gave away the "pretty" ones and ate the "ugly" ones with BF.

passionofthemom said...

LOL...Pepsi Breath...*chuckles*

I made these for Santa this year, and they were a HIT!! Wanted to make them for my eleventh anniversary on the 6th, but couldn't find the recipe until last week. Yours look delish!! =)