Hoping to see a Taser

I was on my way to my parent's house the other day and when I came to the their street that I turn right down, there were tons of cones, police squad cars and it was roped off in most areas.

A large group of people were apparently doing some sort of a marathon, so going down a good ten minute drive the entire right side of the street was roped off making it a bit difficult to turn right since I had to wait til the running crowd cleared. Coincidentally, the people who were trying to get out of that area had to wait til the runners got by to come out of the street.

Here I am waiting patiently. I am watching the police officer who was directing traffic and the runners. I am checking out the runners in my rear view mirror and side mirror. After about six minutes, I see this woman stalk out of her car, very dramatically slam her car door shut and then proceed to stomp her way over the police officer. She was about five cars back in the line.

I see her get about five feet from the officer when he sees her. He points her back to her car and she is very theatrically waiving her arms and yelling at him. He just keeps shaking his head and pointing in the direction of her car.

I find this very entertaining and proceed to add voices to the conversation I am seeing, but mostly I am thinking (and slightly hoping) that this woman will be tasered because REALLY we are all waiting. What is this woman really going to do or say that will change this fact???

Finally after a few moments of dramatic exchange she huffs back to her car and squeals out, turning around and going back the opposite way. About this time there is enough of a gap that I pull through. I watch as this woman races over the speed bumps and out of the neighborhood. She had to be going at least twice the speed limit because her van was jumping over the speed humps.

I find it really sad that this woman felt the need to make a scene like this entire world is about her. I get that she may be running late, that she has to pick up her kid from school or make a doctor's appointment (I don't really know), but so do the rest of us. Did she once ever consider how we felt or the runners (who I am guessing) spent months preparing for this event? I doubt it.

I am also really disappointed because I would have had a front row seat to a woman being tasered. Damn. For once someone might have been held accountable for their actions/words.


blueviolet said...

I'm so glad she realized that day that the world is just not about her.

kt moxie said...

It makes you appreciate our police officers more... look what they have to put up with!

jayayceeblog said...

She's an idiot! Did you read my post about getting a taser? There are certainly those moments ...

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the need for behavior like that. It is unacceptable.

It would have been cool to see the taser though.

tattytiara said...

I admit giving people the benefit of a doubt. I've had to race to a few too many hospitals on a few too many occasions not to.