Can a girl get a haircut?

OMG I am so over this whole small town thing . . . sometimes . . . okay not really. . . but today I NEEDED a haircut. Okay, drama aside, I'd like a haircut. I am going to meet Saint's parents for the first time and I would like to look a bit more refined. (lol, I know, right?)

I waited til the last minute, of course. Sigh

I asked a local friend for her hairstylist and she hasn't been able to get an answer from her all week. So I finally give in and go driving around on a Saturday evening and guess what? The salons all close at 5pm on Saturday AND are not open Sunday or Monday. CRAP! I am meeting them Wednesday and I work all day Tuesday. I am so SOL.

Oh the bright side, I do have the most fabulously nice outfits to wear that will compliment my beau as he usually dresses nicer than me. I am a huge fan of jeans and a tee or my favorite sweatshirt. So I thought I'd show a little style. I even bought a cute little hat in case it rains or is real windy. I also got a little pedicure so my toes are up to par, though Saint swears they will not be looking at my toes. (lol)

Wish me luck!

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Duchess said...

You can do it! You'll be fine and they won't even notice your hair because they'll be charmed by your personality :)