Review - 2nd Chance by James Patterson

Title: 2nd Chance
Author: James Patterson
Publish Date: May 5, 2005 (first pub in 2002)
Publisher: Warner Books
Paperback, 400 Pages
Women's Murder Club #2

Barnes and Noble

I am really glad to have the entire collection of James Patterson's Women Murder Club series sitting in my nightstand (when it isn't falling out bc of too many books stuffed in there) because thought I loved the first one, the second one wasn't as good. Don't get me wrong. I still really enjoyed it, but these will be filler books from here on out. I don't HAVE to read them. I don't have to read them consecutively like most series books. They are good and they are fun, but not a necessity. (that sounds way sadder than I mean it)

I really still enjoy Lindsay Boxer's character. She didn't lose any of her toughness and she is still showing vulnerability. I love that aspect. She is still willing to jump feet first into the pool of craziness and then second guess herself. Don't we all do that?? I love that her friends, Cindy, the journalist, Claire, the ME and Jill, the assistant DA won't let her handle things without support.

This was fun and about three quarters of the way through they have a great car/running chase that had me sitting up in bed with my heart just pounding.

I tried guessing who the killer was, I had two guesses and I was kind of right on one of them, but really I was off. I enjoyed the way they set this story up. I like that they reveal one step at a time and I feel as if I am figuring things out right along with Lieutenant Boxer. (albeit one, or two, steps behind her, lol) I am just not destined to be any kind of a cop, spy, etc. Course I suppose not being clumsy and loud are a big key to that one!

These give me such a nice break from feeling a need to read. They are like watching a tv show. It is relaxing and like a friend I have lunch with once a week.

Looking forward to the next in the series.

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My Dad loves this author - I'm beginning to think I should take a read at him :)

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