Review - The Story of Beautiful Girl

Title: The Story of Beautiful Girl
Author: Rachel Simon
Publish Date: May 4, 2011
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Hardcover, 352 Pages

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The Story of Beautiful Girl is not normally a book I would typically read for many reasons. I was just taken by the cover, the title and then once I started reading a few chapters I was completely and utterly amazed. From the moment I realized Lynnie and Homer were in a mental institution and living under horrible conditions all the way up the method Rachel Simon used to describe the way Homer communicated in his head. It was all beautiful and sad.

Lynnie is a miracle of a character in that she has a disability during times when no one understands them. Her parents basically aren’t sure what to do and so they put her in this school which is coming alive with workers who make fun of the residents and use them to their amusement. It opens up with Lynnie arriving at Martha’s door, a widow who is a retired school teacher. Lynnie and Homer have escaped and for some reason know their time is coming to a close. They hide the baby that Lynnie has recently delivered within Martha’s care. Martha having no experience with a baby isn’t sure what to do, but knows deeply she must protect this baby.

The women in this book were so wonderfully strong even with all the bad things that are happening around and to them. Even when they cannot speak up they reach out to each other and find a connection.

I truly enjoyed each of the characters journeys in this book. I am afraid to reveal too much as most of the stories come from keeping things a secret. Even with all the details and limited conversation I still felt Rachel Simon did a spectacular job of communicating everything above and below the surface in a way that enthralled me.

A necessary and truly eye opening read!

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Sarah said...

I'm very happy to see a positive review. I have an ARC of this to read, and I am really looking forward to it.