How do I decide what to read and review?

Question ... as somewhat of a newbie when it comes to the process of
reviewing a
million books, How do YOU decide in which order to read
and review books?

My philosophy is this -

So I'll let you in on a little secret. I have a small organization problem
it comes to certain things - and I say certain things because I'd
love to say I
am this OCD about all things, but I am not. I am a pig
when it comes to
vacuuming and doing dishes, to name a few. I
created an Excel spreadsheet with
the following on it - title, author,
publisher and publish date. This tells me,
first and foremost, when I
have to read the book by because most publishers
would like the
review posted on the publish date. Then I have additional
like review done or declined and download date - so I know if I am

under the gun - since once downloaded, I only have 50 days to read it.

This whole process I have come up with is great in the sense that it helps
stay focused when I wake up, bookless and wanting to read
something, but in all
honesty I am trying real hard to not put myself in
a box, which I am so good at.
I give myself these rules and then I am
mad when I don't want to follow them.
Which means, if I don't want to
read something, I don't.

I have a bunch of books in my nightstand that I haven't read and those
fillers. Most of them have bookmarks already in them as I have
picked them up a
few times and read 'til something better comes along.
I also have books on hold
at the digital library, which are time sensitive,
so I must read those in 14
days - this puts them at the top of the list
when I am approved to download
them. And then of course because
I am lucky enough to work at a bookstore, I can
check out hard copies
for free - so when a book like Sookie Stackhouse's next
book in the
series comes out - all books, no matter what, are thrown aside to
read that one.

What about you - how you decide what order
to read and review books?


Sarah said...

I keep a TBR list on my blog of books I currently have to read. I try to have reviews ready for publish dates or tour dates, and for author submitted reviews I try to do them in order received.

Occasionally a book jumps out of my lists and I have to read it immediately.

jayayceeblog said...

I wish I had a method but my reading and reviewing are completely haphazard. The only time I am "forced" to read something at a specific time is when it's for book club. The one new thing I'm doing this year is keeping an Excel spreadsheet of the books I've completed so at the end of the year I can see what I read just for fun.