Book Review - The First Victim by JB Lynn

Title: The First Victim
Author: JB Lynn
Publisher: Carina Press
Publish Date: June 13, 2011

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What a fantastic nail bitter. I literally had my Nook gripped with white knuckles. This book was like a train wreck. It was so scary and so horrible, yet I could not look away.

I do not generally like books that contain negative thoughts, especially those that include the thoughts of serial killers. I do not need anymore negativity in my head. I have the imagination of a 4 year old. I can freak myself out without any help. BUT this book was so good I could not put it down.

Seriously I loved this book!!

Emily is a woman who has moved away from her childhood home because she was taken, abused and got away from her kidnapper. When her father experiences an accident, she must come home to take care of her younger sister and face her fears. I cannot imagine the fear one must feel to come back to the place your worst nightmare has come true - as a KID, but Lynn did a spectacular job detailing the horror of the child and as an adult reliving it all over again. As Emily tries to get comfortable for her sister's benefit, a body shows up and notes start appearing letting everyone know that the serial killer is back. Come to find out it is a serial killer the FBI has been trying to catch . . . since Emily was a child. She may have been the first victim, but they won't know if they do not catch him.

It was such a wonderfully done book. I could not get over how much I loved Emily and could feel the scare, the vulnerability and the need to survive. I also hated the serial killer chapters, but they were so right on what I would think a maniac would think and feel. It just made my skin crawl. I really liked the connection between Bailey, Emily's friend she left home after a kiss gone wrong. There was also Evan, who found Emily escaping from her kidnapper ages ago. The dynamic to try and figure out who don it, was really fun.

Seriously, GO BUY THIS BOOK!

Summary -
She was like all the other victims. Naked, flawed, helpless...

Fifteen years ago, Emily Wright barely escaped from a serial killer dubbed the Baby Doll Strangler. She wants nothing to do with the small town where she was abducted, but when her father is hospitalized she reluctantly returns home to care for her teenage sister.

When her sister's friend is killed and left in front of Emily's house, Emily begins to relive the nightmare she endured long ago. Soon she realizes that her sister, too, is in danger from the killer—and the only person who can help is the man Emily left behind: Deputy Bailey O'Neil. Together, Emily and Bailey must discover the killer's identity before he claims his next victim...

JB Lynn did an incredible job of one chapter with Emily and the opposite chpaters with the serial killer.

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