I'm going to ramble today (and it's all blogger's fault)

I was trying to write a post last night and blogger would not let me into the system, so eventually I gave up and went to bed only to wake up and realize I didn't have any posts under draft to just post. So here I am writing down all the sad and weird things that got stuck in my head. Let's start with the most obvious and grossest, shall we?

Dear Yoga people,
Before you put on your yoga clothes to check for holes, stains, sheer or see-through areas. Now let me tell you, I do not oogle people in my classes, but we have many times worked with partners doing handstands or other such nonsense and I right away notice really gross things like crotch stains or sheer pants in the butt range. When you are close and personal with a stranger, I am trying really hard to find the appropriate place to look and it can be difficult not to notice these things. So take a moment and stretch in front of the mirror before class, yes?

My home doesn't have air conditioning, something I am sure my realtor mentioned while looking through it originally, but alas not something I paid attention to until my recent trip home to walk in the house that was so stuffy and hot I couldn't breath. I waited a couple of days with the windows open at night to try and see if that would cool the air, nope. So I went out and bought an ac fan which did nothing but annoy my cat, Izabel because of it's noise. Then I bought another one, thinking it would help lower the temperature and because it was a good price. And that would also be a no, it didn't work. So off I went to Home Depot and looked around only to find a pretty good price on an indoor unit that holds water. Does anyone else despise assembly??? Once it was put together and the reservoir filled up, now it is nice and cool in my place, albeit humid as well, but I don't mind humidity. Oh and it sounds like my bedroom is in a wind tunnel because the darn thing is so loud, but beggars can't be choosers.

My boyfriend and I have been together for two years and a half (like a kid who's birthday is in seven months and six days, no?) and I am dying not being able to see him all the time as we live in separate towns. He won't propose because he doesn't like having to tell people his wife lives in another city which I totally get, but I occasionally turn in to a psycho woman who is planning a wedding, life and children with a man who has yet to propose or marry me. The other day I decided my wedding color will be green, as it is my favorite color, I was even imaging a beautifully simply white gown with a large green satin bow. Seriously, crazy.

The last four or five books I have read have somehow or another been about crazy serial mass murders and I just noticed the other night that I can't sleep. Odd, no? So I have made myself put down the crazy books in lieu of sleeping and instilling a bit of happiness into my head again. I have been reading all the teen fiction books of love, high school meanness and a few christian fiction again. Any good, happy books you recommend?

I dragged my boyfriend's bookcase out in to the hallway so I could fill it with the books that have been stuffed into my night stand and are now becoming a small safety hazard as they spill out of the nightstand on to the floor. I have a shelf for the James Patterson Women's Murder Club series, a shelf for the TBR list and the shelf of books I have read. My mom also knitted me this beautiful book cover in cream with a pink ribbon that I decided makes a better decoration than use and I put it center of the shelves. I have all of these extra books that I've read, that are just sitting there and I am thinking about doing an entire week of giveaways to get rid of them. Whadya think??? Do you have any giveaway tips?


Sarah M said...

Giveaway tips?
Make entry simple. I prefer a Google form only because it protects email addresses. If you go with comment entry, turn off your captcha.

Sarah M said...

Another tip: make rules easy to find and understand. Clearly state who it is open to (ie. US only, US/Can, worldwide) and when it closes.