Funny things kids say

I met some of my neighbors. They have a couple of kids aged 5 and 7. Apparently these girls hang out out front of my house and talk to Tuesday (my cat) who sits in the window and cries for attention. They have made good friends with her and every time I see them they ask if they can come pet Tuesday. One day I conceded.

They squealed with joy, even though I made them go ask their parents if it was okay.

The two girls walk in and I lead them straight to Tuesday who is conveniently laying on her cat tree enjoying a good relaxing afternoon. The older girl walks up and starts petting Tuesday with every hand she has cooing over her and talking right in her face. Tuesday immediately starts purring and giving her that loving look.

The younger girl is all eyes. Walking around being nosy and asking questions.

Where did you come from?
Do you like it here?
Are you going to stay?
Oh, you have an upstairs too?

Then she pauses and it becomes a bit quiet, she slowly turns to me and asks, "What is that smell?"

I of course am a bit horrified, yet, I have cats so what the hell, I say, "It's probably cat smell." She smiles and continues on with her interrogation like nothing happens.

Why do you have so many boxes around?
Aren't you going to unpack them?
Why has it taken you so long to unpack?

Seriously, I am completely in love with these little girls and I haven't spent much time with them. They are inquisitive and wonderfully kind. They smile and wave all the time. Their voices ring out loudly when I pull in the driveway, "HI Heidi!" I love it. I feel so wonderfully at home.

And what's even better, they are keeping my Tuesday happy when I am gone.

PS The minute they left I steam cleaned the entire carpet! Yes, that little girl got to me.


Gigi Ann said...

LOL... "Kids say the darnest things." That is just to funny. I have a cat and a dog in my house, I need the little sniff tester to visit me sometime... I still have a smile on my face ; )

Liz Mays said...

Little kids have no filter, do they? I'm sure all of her questions were innocent, but yes, I probably would have steam cleaned too!

Anonymous said...

That is absolutely adorable!!! And funny.

Thanks for sharing!

Angela @ Reading Angels said...

<3 You gotta love kids!
There is no filter between brain and mouth :)
Mine makes my world go round and I hope he brings smiles to other peoples faces like those little girls are bringing to yours!

Nikki - Notes of Life said...

Kids are all questions, aren't they?! My brother's neighbour had their granddaughter visit while I was there a week or so ago and I couldn't get from the yard. She kept asking questions about my little neice (who I was playing with) and where did I live etc.

My neice always goes looking for my two cats when she's here... 1 goes and hides for the day while the other hides but comes out for a bit of a cuddle with her.