Wordless Wednesday - Tuesday's cat scratcher

Have you seen Maru's website? If you haven't go now, I'll wait.

Maru gives me ideas of how to entertain my cats and toy ideas and other such cat nonsense because they make for difficult mind reading.

Anyway, I found this one that reminds me of the scratcher that Maru likes. Tuesday seemed like the cat to want to scratch and rest on the same device. I know my cat! She loved it. She will scratch it, then flop to the side and still continue to scratch. She plays with it, like it moves or something. She will run over and hop on it, then rest. It is the perfect size for her. As you can see, she is very possessive of it.

Wordless Wednesday


Dawn said...

Cute! Glad she likes it! Blessings.

caite said...

she looks very content there.